looking for presenters

  1. MindStation

    Mind Station are looking for a new Radio Presenter!

    Have you got a natural ability to engage with people and would LOVE to have your own radio show? We're looking for talented volunteer presenters who can produce and present unique, stand-out voice-tracked programming that our listeners will want to tune in to. The positions are home studio...
  2. S

    volunteers wanted!!

    coolvibes-reloaded are looking for people who actually care for music and music is there passion. the following positions are looking to be filled Presenters Music/Autodj Co-Ordinator Schedule Programmer if you do have a passion for music one of these positions are for you! if you want to be...
  3. S

    Looking For Radio Personal(Presenters) Volunteers

    (Voluntary & Working From Home ONLY" ) !if you have experience Being An Online Radio Presenter, And have a laptop or PC!? "Pop Us A Message Today" If you would "Love to volunteer" Here's your taxi https://forms.gle/Rpvi8r8nvC94JqbG7
  4. Stevy6

    Time for your show to reach an audience, join us!

    What do you get when a bunch of geeks with plenty of radio experience between them and who love music and gaming come together? You get Simulator Vibes! Simulator Vibes is focused around bringing the best experience to all our listeners. We're always looking to add fresh talent to our team and...

    Looking For DJ's To Join Us

    Bass flow radio is a Drum and Bass Radio station based in the United Kingdom London,we have been broadcasting since 2017 only as a solo radio station and it is now time for us to be looking for DJs who can spare one hour or two house to have there very own show with us. we are looking for DJs...
  6. S

    looking for mature dedicated presenters for online radio station

    Are you a lover of Music and People? We at coolvibes-reloaded' coolvibes-reloaded Are Looking For DJ"s with little or no experience. We will train you to become an online DJ. IT's FREE. We are a 3-year-old non-profit family orientated Internet Radio station Looking to GROW, We play all different...
  7. J


  8. Highlowradio

    HighLowRadio Looking for you!!! we in game Farming simulator

    HighLowRadio What is HighlowRadio? Well HighLowRadio is a Radio Station that's Open 24/7 Online Radio Station That you can Listen to Anywhere. Tell me about HighLowRadio.. Well HighLowRadio Is Already 1 Step ahead of other online Radio Stations With are Radio station app (android ATM...