on air

  1. Brian

    Looking for On Air Personalities

    Hello, I am looking for people who are looking to host a Voice-Tracked show on a station of their choice that I operate. I currently operate 6 stations. Three of those are Top 40, One is Alternative one is Holiday Exclusive, and one is reserved for replaying our syndicated show. We will be...
  2. Brian

    CHR Pop Talk / Music Show.

    Hello, my name is Brian Becker. I am the host and owner of my weekly show, On Air With Brian Becker. During the show, I talk about pop news and play new pop music. It is a 4-hour CHR show. If you want to hear a demo you can do so here: www.onairwithbrian.com/media/demo.mp3. The show is free to...
  3. Dan Butler

    PZR 91.1 FM Needs YOU!

    We won't dazzle you with delusions of grandeur. We are small station looking for on air talent to help us grow. Do you want to be on air and have fun? Well, if so, then PZR is the place for you. We are a little over a year old and have DJ's from the US and the UK. Can you meet these simple...