PZR 91.1 FM Needs YOU!

Dan Butler


We won't dazzle you with delusions of grandeur. We are small station looking for on air talent to help us grow.

Do you want to be on air and have fun? Well, if so, then PZR is the place for you. We are a little over a year old and have DJ's from the US and the UK.

Can you meet these simple requirements?

1. High speed internet connection – at least 10 MB Download / 3 MB Upload (not sure? visit www.speedtest.net and run a test)

2. Your own broadcast software like SAM Broadcaster

3. Your own music

4. A love for music or radio or both is even better!

5. Must be able to commit to at least 1 – LIVE two hour shift a week.

If this is you, then email me at danbutler@pzr91fm.com

You can check out our website at http://www.pzr91fm.com

**Now I have been asked if we take pre-produced shows and as of right now, we do not. I know there are a lot of hard working DJ's out there that record there shows and send them to stations and I have nothing against them. We are working to get our staff up to where we can bring the pre-recorded shows back. Please understand that a lot of work goes into the back end of the station and as we all have regular jobs, it is time consuming.**