1. J


  2. CameronD


  3. DJ Alexandr

    New radio Chapaevsk Trance Music

    Hello. My name is Alexandr. My radio Chapaevsk Trance Music:
  4. Mirage

    Would You like to join us @ RAMFM 80s

    We are looking for like minded Dj's to join the RamFm Family, with a love for the 80s music. Yes we do have listeners with an active online chat room and a core following via a Facebook group with over 12,000 members. History of which as been streaming 24/7 for the past 5 years playing...
  5. T

    Experienced DJ looking for new opportunity

    4 years experience DJing, mainly classic and modern rock but I am looking into joining a Country station. Country music was my first love and want to get back to the genre.
  6. SnowdropWazHere

    DJ Looking for EDM/Rock slots.

    My names Alex (Dj Name: Snowdrop) and I have been in the djing scene for around 2 years in January and have been mixing Live since mid of last year online and am recently on an online radio station with little to no listeners due to Owners Action (which I can't control) and Would like to have an...
  7. Lee Barber

    Fancy an Energetic Syndicated Radio Show!?

    Need a new show/presenter? Get in touch! SO! My names Lee! Hello. I'm 23 years old, and about to launch a brand new radio show this summer, which thanks to a few connections, will be heard on a variety of FM, DAB and online stations across the globe. I've been involved in media, radio...
  8. Jamie Shields

    American? Australian? All time zones considered!

    Just another quick note to say, Anyone that is looking for a show but is worried about Time Zones please apply at or use the contact page to contact Jamie. We will help any inspiring presenter / DJ have show that they can nuture and progress. Just do it, Feel the Curve...
  9. S

    Looking for DJ's to volunteer their time for our UK based online radio station.

    Were looking for DJ's/ presenters to broadcast on our NEW online radio station! You must have broadcasting software Own a Mic - good quality sounding Have your own music Enthusiasm towards what we do! Were based in the UK, but that doesn't mean you have to be! Friendly, warm people that...
  10. H

    Listen Links

    Hello, I am currently building an online radio website and would like to incorporate listening options, such as; iTunes, windows media, etc. How do I get my IceCast stream to open up in these different players. Many Thanks Hannah