1. Calin Apostol

    Playlist proposal

    Hi everyone, I'm a composer and guitar player from Romania. I saw in Spotify and Apple Music statistics that my last beat "The Flight of the Bee' feat Be Svendsen has a big audience in your area. Here are links from the beat: Spotify: YouTube: Maybe it would be a good idea to add the beat...
  2. TheHooves

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    No Christmas playlist is complete without one of our original, fun and upbeat Christmas songs! Available on all music streaming sites and YouTube!! 23k Spotify listeners agree! Here's our latest single!
  3. ChrisJones

    General Rotation Playlists

    Question: I am running two separate 'General Rotation' Playlists - 1 from 5am to 9p and another from 9pm to 3a (3-5am is a 'Scheduled' sequential playlist). The 5a to 9p is a 'Sequential' General Rotation playlist whereas the the 9p to 3a playlist is a random shuffled list. The 9p to 3a...
  4. Open Source

    ॐ Psytrance Treasures ॐ A spotify playlist with more than 1000 followers.

    One of the most essential factors of Spotify is the Playlists. Playlists imply streams & thus profits for the artists. If you use Spotify please be so kind to follow our playlist that already has over 1000 followers! Playlist makers are encouraged to post their own playlist below so we can...
  5. E

    auto dj interrupting schedule

    when I have a scheduled playlist set to play in sequential order, an additional song from the auto dj playlist interrupts the order before the rest of the schedule playlist finishes. Any advice?
  6. ChrisJones

    Cannot find the playlist editor

    I am new to this site, and plan on having some fun with a station. I have some files uploaded, and want to start an AutoDJ. I need to create a playlist.. Saw this.... Creating a Playlist To create a new playlist, click the Create Playlist link in the upper, right-hand corner of the page. This...