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  1. Mirage

    Wanted presenters/Dj's

    We are looking for Presenters/dj's at Ram Fm Eighties Hit Radio. We are fully licenced PRS/PPL. We stream 24/7 with Djs from Germany, Netherlands and the UK. RamFm was established 10 years ago. We broadcast music within a wide perspective from the years between and around 1977-1992. We play...
  2. D

    Looking for a volunteering opportunity

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Daniel, 23 and from the West Midlands in the UK! I may have “that Brummie accent” (big up Birmingham) but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Anyway, I have a real interest in radio and music, and have been thinking - I would love to get into presenting...
  3. D


  4. J

    Looking to do a show once a week.

    Hi everyone I am looking to do a show once a week I have done a few shows before one being a breakfast show. I cater for most music however my passion is all things rock, that don't go to say I do not like other things mixed in and am quite able to go with the flow of the listening crowd...
  5. T

    Try listening to radio number 1 in Russia

    Already now you can listen online for free radio number one in Russia! - https://topradio.me/radio/evropa-plyus . Follow the link and see for yourself.