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Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Daniel, 23 and from the West Midlands in the UK!

I may have “that Brummie accent” (big up Birmingham) but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Anyway, I have a real interest in radio and music, and have been thinking - I would love to get into presenting, and having a go at doing my own show. I don’t really know where to start to be honest, as it is something I would do in my free time. I work full time in the NHS.

I have a big interest in hot hits, pop music and throwbacks, but that doesn’t mean I’m restricted specifically to that! I do also like my 70s/80s hits.

I have a good internet connection, laptop, and good pair of headphones with a microphone too.

If anyone knows of anything going, I am willing to give full enthusiasm, chat, commitment, and everything else in between including some humour. On a more serious note though, I am willing to learn and give a few hours each week on a voluntary basis for an opportunity.

I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’m confident, can chat, and have a sense of humour, some of the main things I believe are needed for presenting. If you have anything going, or know of anyone, please do let me know.
My email is: daniel.duffield123@gmail.com

Thank you :)


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Hello Daniel

The first step for you is to create a demo of between two and three minutes. The demo shouldn't be swamped with music and sweepers (jingles). Stations are primarily interested in the sound of your voice and how you link from one song/track to another. In essence, you'll need to record a few seconds of the end of a song, then your vocal link into the beginning of the next song. Repeat that a few times until you're happy with what you have. Make sure your demo is no longer than three minutes (closer to two minutes is better) and make those vocal links interesting, not just 'that was... this is'. When you have your completed demo email it to stations who are looking for presenters or send it out speculatively.

Hope that helps you.