radio imaging

  1. D

    Imaging For Imaging Trade?

    Hello, My name is Darcy currently in need of some dry stings of our station brand STAR107.8! Would anyone be happy to voice a few versions of this for free and ill make some for your station? Taa, Darcy you can contact me at
  2. GaryT

    Radio imaging and DJ drops produced online, $2.40 each.

    Fully produced sweepers, music promos, podcast intros, radio dj drops and club dj drops. Use our voices or upload your own. Makes a completely unique piece of imaging each time. Download immediately. No commitments. Dear professionals, It's easy...
  3. JoeKinchUK

    CHR / AC Freelance Imaging Producer

    Hey there! My names Joe, I'm a freelance radio presenter and imaging producer. I'm here to tell you about the services I offer to radio stations just like you! Whether it's a few new sweepers to make you sound cool on air, or a fully produced station package to transform your sound. I offer a...
  4. astevens

    (Male) British Voiceover for Radio Imaging

    Hi, if you're looking for an affordable MVO for your next radio imaging... please check out my imaging voice reel. Affordable rates - email me at Voice is youthful with an...
  5. kcVoiceTalent

    Imaging on a Budget

    If you have a limited budget I may be able to help. Check the Demo's at If anything sounds like it could work for you, get in touch! Thanks, KC
  6. I

    Free Imaging FX Mixouts

    Hey guys, Thought i'd drop some stuff for people to use if they're looking at updating some of their production and what not - here's three pieces that you can drop your station VO or whatever you like over the top Download here Just give us a thanks and happy imaging!
  7. R

    Bute Loudness Suite - A useful tool for Loudness Compliance

    Are you an expert Radio Imaging and Sound Design? Looking for a tool to help with loudness monitoring and compliance? Signum Audio have the plug-in for you: "Bute, named after the Scottish isle that is divided into highlands and lowlands, is an...
  8. I

    Professional Imaging and Production for Stations, Shows and Podcasts

    Hi guys, I’m an image producer that’s based in Sydney, Australia, and have been imaging radio stations and shows for quite some time now - just recently i’ve started up my own website, so if you’d like some world class imaging for your radio station, shows or podcasts, or just need general...
  9. I

    Station Sweeps, Drops, Jingles, Imaging and Production Service

    Hey all, Having had some time on my hands over Christmas, I’ve had some time to re(launch) my website which offers imaging and production for radio shows, radio stations and podcasters! Just thought I’d throw it out there for those who need some imaging here and there, are looking for...
  10. airmedia

    Artist Promos

    Hi All, Air Media have just launched a new package of Artist Promos. You get 20 modern artist promos for your stations imaging. Here is a freebie sample from Air Media. I have tried to upload an mp3 but this site only accepts JPG and images and not audio files. The other are available from...
  11. Peter Flanagan

    Radio Imaging

    Hi All, I am available to produce radio imaging for Adverts, Jingles, Dj Drops and Song Power Intros. I have included a link to some work i've previously done! Feel free to contact me for more information! Peter