Bute Loudness Suite - A useful tool for Loudness Compliance


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Are you an expert Radio Imaging and Sound Design? Looking for a tool to help with loudness monitoring and compliance? Signum Audio have the plug-in for you: https://www.signumaudio.com/bute-loudness-suite

"Bute, named after the Scottish isle that is divided into highlands and lowlands, is an integrated loudness solution comprising of an Analyser, True Peak Brickwall Limiter and AudioSuite Normaliser. Designed with post-production and broadcasting in mind, Bute is designed to deliver a number of unique workflow features in a sleek, intuitive interface.

At the core of the suite is the Bute Loudness Analyser, which includes a custom warning system, a history overview that can be navigated and zoomed showing areas of a mix which require attention at a glance, DAW Sync for automatic re-metering, and a multitude of meter ballistics. It also reloads metering data from previous sessions and can handle over 10 hours of data.

Bute is truly a one-stop-suite for all loudness-related needs. The new True Peak Brickwall Limiter and AudioSuite Normaliser use a novel approach to achieve results and provide absolute transparency. In addition, the AudioSuite Normaliser allows a Pro Tools user to accurately comply to loudness standards with the single click of a button."


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