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    experienced dj looking to simulcast updated

    Hello everyone: First of all, to all the station managers and/or djs out there who are Moms, I'd just like to say a big Happy Mother's Day 2017 to all of you. Back in January, I had posted about simulcasting my show via simulcast as a way to gain more listeners and expand my show to a wider...
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    experienced Internet DJ looking for a station to simulcast with updated

    Hi everyone, This is Mike B. Lastweek, I posted to the forum stating that I was looking for a station to which I can simulcast with, in addition to the station to which I'm currently DJaying on. Just for clairification, and to assure you guys that I'm legit,, I just wanted to let you know, that...
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    experienced Internet DJ looking to simulcast

    Hello. Something went worng when I tried to post this before, so hopefully it will get through to the forum this time. My name is Mike. I'm looking for a station that's well established, excepts a diverse genre of music, and has a reasonably sized listener base. Although I do intend to stay...