voice overs

  1. Cromerty

    Female Voiceover

    A FRIENDLY, WARM, CONVERSATIONAL BRITISH VOICE I am a British Female voiceover, based in rural York in the North of England. Just under two hours away from central London, I can guarantee I can be in-studio by 9a.m. Working either from a studio of your choice, or from my professional...
  2. Ethan

    Brighten up your station >> Jingles and Audio Production

    Looking for some new Jingles, Beatmixes or a new Voice? Check out Voice Imaging Production. We offer a wide variety of different Audio Production ranging from Beatmixes to Power Intros. Sometimes Audio Production is pricey, however, our prices and packages are suitable for everyone and...
  3. Matt Prime

    Looking for dj drops and voice overs

    bluvelvetradio.com is looking for someone to help us with some voice overs, jingles and dj drops if u have experience in doing this please get in contact happy to pay a fee etc or if someone wants there voice on our radio station get in touch
  4. Harty

    New voice over site

    Hi guys. Hope you don't mind a little self promotion, but my voice over demo site is now up at www.stevehart.co.uk , please head on over and take a listen. Many thanks, Steve