1. S

    volunteers wanted!!

    coolvibes-reloaded are looking for people who actually care for music and music is there passion. the following positions are looking to be filled Presenters Music/Autodj Co-Ordinator Schedule Programmer if you do have a passion for music one of these positions are for you! if you want to be...
  2. S

    "We Need You, Volunteers"

    Are you a lover of Music and People? coolvibes-reloaded Are Looking For DJ"s with little or no experience. We will train you to become an online DJ. IT's FREE. We are a 3-year-old non-profit family orientated Internet Radio station Looking to GROW, We play all different genres of music. Contact...
  3. WantedFM

    The Wanted Network - Join Us Today!

    The Wanted Network The Home of Online Radio. The Wanted Network is a new Online Youth Powered Radio, made for you. Wanted FM is dedicated in providing a wide Range of Music 24/7, with the help of our Radio DJs/Presenters. We also have a ever-growing Media Department in which keeps you...
  4. C

    DJ, Radio Presenter, On Air Talent Needed for Collaboration

    Hi everyone. Now let me be honest with you! I’m trying to get involved into this online radio community. I feel as though I should give you a bit of background of myself so hears a link that has a bit of information about me and what not. Just put this profile together just now hence profile...
  5. Ethan

    BOUNCE ⮫ We're Hiring

    ~ Hello! Bounce is a Radio Station aimed to provide music to a growing community. We pride ourselves in having 24/7 fully functioning Radio and Media departments with them constantly growing. Our Radio plays almost anything. Bounce's DJs aim to play everyone's favourites and get the...
  6. ItsJack

    [HIRING] UpBeat - A modern take at online radio.

    UpBeatRadio.net Hello Internet Radio! I'm writing today to present to you my online radio station - UpBeat. UpBeat is an online community powered radio station aimed primarily towards a teenage audience, but we have listeners from all kinds of backgrounds! Since we first opened back in...
  7. wbilancio

    Q-Sky Internet Radio is going on air in January 2019 and is seeking quality professional broadcasters to join our team!

    Q-Sky Internet Radio is going on air in January 2019 Q-Sky Internet Radio is seeking quality professional broadcasters to join our team! We are recruiting quality On-Air Talent and DJs for our internet radio station. We’re looking for interactive individuals or teams with personality and...
  8. Steve D

    Voyager Radio UK are looking for new presenters / dj`s Come and join the fun

    We are voyager radio and we launched on August the 6th 2017. We are now looking for quality presenters to join us and become one of our team. Please email me at steve.dinsdale@live.co.uk or www.voyager-radio.net