weekly radio show

  1. Jude Connors

    Magic Carpet Ride with Jude Connors - 3 Hours Rock/Rap/Rave/Remixes

    AVAILABLE FOR YOUR STATION VIA SYNDICATION!!! Take a ride on the Magic Carpet Ride with Jude Connors as he plays an eccentric mix of music focusing on ROCK/RAP/RAVE/REMIXES. From classic rock and trap EDM to stoner rock and mashups, you never know what you’re going to hear on this magical...
  2. D.I. Aspinwall

    New, Free CHR Countdown Show

    Hi everybody, Some of you that have been around these forums for a while may have heard of my show, All The Hits. It’s back! After a few years of being a commercial, terrestrial only show, it is now being made available for free to non-commercial internet stations! I have now put together a...
  3. U

    New Show... Feedback Please?

    Hey, We have a new Show on our University Radio Website, and we would love some feedback. Here was our first show. **Please bare in mind we came and freestyled this first show and also never been in a radio studio.** Constructive feedback would be appreciated. Please support us on...
  4. M

    Growing Weekly Classic Rack Radio Show looking for new stations

    My "best of the Best" radio show has jumped from 2 stations to 23 in a month, including a few networks. The show is a mixture of new and old classic pop and rock with lots of information in between.bestofthebestradioshow.com is my website. If you and your station is interested in carrying the...