Hi everybody,

Some of you that have been around these forums for a while may have heard of my show, All The Hits. It’s back! After a few years of being a commercial, terrestrial only show, it is now being made available for free to non-commercial internet stations!
I have now put together a newly-rebranded CHR Countdown format show called All The Hits with Ian Dennis (Ian Dennis being my radio name...). All The Hits is a two-hour formatted Top 25 CHR Countdown show with celebrity insider information, interviews, and of course, great music!

Listen to a demo here: https://www.cflsound.com/radioshows/promos/ATH_ExtendedPromo_201712_256k_mpeg.mp3

The show is free to air! To sign up, email di@cflsound.com or call me at 906-285-4001

Any questions? Post them below!