1 Hour Unique Newscast & Radio Show For FREE Syndication

The Last Christian Newscast & Radio Show is currently broadcast to all 50 States and More than 160 Countries on numerous Radio Stations, virtually all Social Media Platforms and All Podcast Platforms. This unique Newscast speaks to current Events around the Globe from a Christian/Biblical Perspective far different than is heard in the Mainstream Media. In fact, many topics heard in the one hour broadcast are omitted entirely by the media entirely. The Newscast continues to grow in scope and popularity around the World and is sure to add listeners to any station. The LCRS Newscast & Radio Show is broadcast each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7:30pm (Central), with each episode available FREE in two MP3 files (28 minutes each) allowing for easy commercial inclusion. Any Station wishing to add this highly popular syndicated Newscast & Radio Show may access, download and begin broadcasting the show by visiting https://www.lastchristian.net/lcrsepisodes

Each Episode is available for download no later than 7:00pm Central for any Station wishing to broadcast the Show at the exact time is released across our entire network of Affiliate Stations. However, the show is available for Download and Broadcast at any time convenient to individual stations based on their scheduling needs.

Please Visit https://www.lastchristian.net/lcrsepisodes for more information or to add the Last Christian Newscast & Radio Show to your Stations lineup today.


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