131 Web Radio Station Reshuffle


We previously offered two stations.

131Rock and 131Retro, both ran under the 131 Web Radio Umbrella, but a major reshuffle has seen the stations amalgamate.

131 Web Radio will now be the branding for a single entity, programming the classic rock, 80s rock/hair metal, and retro pop of the 70s to early 90s on one station. In addition we are sprinkling the best of the 50s and 60s in amongst it, for a well rounded music experience covering 40 years of hits and memories.

Current shows include Joel Allen's Live Cuts, Colin French's Rewind To The 70s, and A live show from our station admin playing 12 inch singles from the 70s and 80s, titled Retro Remix Show. Check the station web site for more details.

Online requests are also available. The rock content has been trimmed (and will continue to be) in order to provide a more mainstream, listenable, internet radio experience. Station admin is a former nightclub and radio DJ from the late 70s to the mid 90s, and has been on the internet radio scene since 2004.

If you are looking at adding a show to our lineup, that fits in with our format, please contact us through contact@131webradio.net

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What do you mean by "set up"? Click the 'Make A Request' link, enter something in the search field, and hit the request button next to the song you want to hear.
can you please help me set this up, is it a wordpress plugin or what


Due to a listen link issue we have reorganised the listen links on the web site. There is no interruption to our stream through Radio.Net, and we are working with TuneIn to update the link through that service also.

For the time being our great selection of retro, classic rock, and classic hits, can still be enjoyed via the links on the web site for both WMP and MP3 streams, as well as through the provided online player, or with the Radio.Net mobile app/web site.