1. K

    A UNIQUE 80s 90s Retro Radio Show - Looking For More Syndication Partners

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. My name is Bradley Simmonds (B-Man) and I have a unique 80s 90s radio show that I produce out of New Zealand. The show is syndicated across 20+ stations in NZ, Australia, UK, the Caribbean and the US. I would love to have the show on more stations! The show...
  2. M

    My Decades Radio (Framingham-Boston)

    A brand new station has just launched in the Framingha-Bostonarea called My Decades Radio. It plays a lot of our favorite pop, rock & Top 100 songs (plus some obscure tracks & one-hit wonders) from the 1970's, 1980's & 1990's. In addition, we're curating some original content & programming that...
  3. P

    WPM Radio...Non-Stop Forgotten Hits

    Hello All, Apologies, but a bit of a plug for a new Station I've just started! Playing mainly what are the Forgotten Hits of 70s, 80s and 90s, along with some Classic Rock Currently a Non-Stop Music Channel (No DJs) but that will change soon! Have a listen and see what you think, any...

    80s classics with Karlie J

    Pules FM Broadcasting a wide range of dance and pop music from the 80s and 90s Hits from the UK and around the world with live DJs and special guests every weekday for your listening pleasure. Join our chatroom on at the website make new friends and new people from around the world keep it...

    NETWORKED UK BREAKFAST SHOW LIVE mon to fri 7 am -10 am

    Good evening all Any Radio stations looking for a live networked uk breakfast show mon - fri 7am - 10am uk time i play a great mix on music from 1954 - 2021 plus the rewinded track,guess the year, Random jukebox track,news and weather updates... The show is aired on stations ONLINE ,on DAB and...
  6. B

    Happy Son Radio Online 24/7

    Radio Online 24/7 ¡Music! 60s - 70s - 80s - 90s Enter: https://www.happysongradio.com/inlive
  7. Open Source

    Let's Get Excited! [LIVE]

    Open Source returns with a banging retro-sexual mix. Presenting 10 new remixes of mega EDM hits exclusively in this mix. Aggelos Mavros by being open to all music genres recorded his new live mix with the conviction that will get us excited! Tracklist: 01. Jam & Spoon - Right In The Night...
  8. 131WebRadio

    131 Web Radio Station Reshuffle

    We previously offered two stations. 131Rock and 131Retro, both ran under the 131 Web Radio Umbrella, but a major reshuffle has seen the stations amalgamate. 131 Web Radio will now be the branding for a single entity, programming the classic rock, 80s rock/hair metal, and retro pop of the 70s...

    Presenters / Broadcaster / Radio Host / DJ - Hertfordshire

    Presenters / Broadcaster / Radio Host / DJ Cheshunt Radio currently has vacancies for Online Radio Presenters with or without experience in Broadcasting to join our presenter team. Cheshunt Radio is committed to providing quality radio shows to our listening audience. So we are looking for...
  10. D

    Presenter / DJ Looking For Radio To Join

    Hi, i love playing music and hosting professional sounding like shows but As I'm 10 I don't have much official experience but as my dad is an entertainer and a DJ I have a big interest in Presenting and DJ'ing. Earlier this year I used to host my own radio station but if I was able to join a...
  11. DJRambo

    Post Removed

  12. S

    New Station in San Antonio

    Hey everyone, We just started a new 24/7 internet streaming radio show called: www.modsnapradio.com We are available to stream on tunein and apple itunes and we have different djs playing different genres of music like indie, retro, alternative, industrial, goth, reggae, synthwave, trance, and...
  13. noooboysaloud

    No Boys Aloud on SCAD Atlanta Radio

    No Boys Aloud is a talk show showcasing pop, R&B and rock girl groups from around the world. With the premise to #BringBackGirlGroups, my co-hosts Jas and Dre are disappointed with the current pop music landscape and its lack of showing powerful women coming together to create great music. Join...