Alexa Skills for Radio

We have a new exciting new service to tell you about!

Our 'Alexa Radio Skill' service...

Home assistants are experiencing huge growth at the moment. Whether it's the Amazon Echo, the Google Home or Apple's latest assistant, the Homepod... Every home is getting one. Amazon has already sold tens of millions of their Echo devices in 2017.

Our development team have been looking into this area because we thought that all radio stations should have a place in everyones home (and soon vehicles) using this latest technology at a reasonable price and without having to invest in high development costs.

We're now very pleased to announce the launch of our latest service in partnership with Amazon, the 'Alexa Radio Skill' service.

A 'Skill' is the term given to the Amazon Alexa assistant and allows users to give commands to the devices via the Alexa voice assistant. Imagine it as an app that you install on a mobile phone.

Using our 'Alexa Radio Skill' service, we can make YOUR radio station available to millions of Alexa-enabled Amazon devices. People around the world could be listening to your station with a simple "Alexa, play your radio station name".

This service is now available via our website here
We're currently going through the process of updating our Alexa Radio Skills to add the following features:

- Ask Alexa what song is playing on your station.
- Support for devices with displays (now shows your Radio Station logo and name on Echo Show, Spot and any other devices with displays).

Our Alexa Radio Skill is currently on discount with 25% of the retail price until 31st July. Find out more at

Thank you!
If your station is listed on the TuneIn directory, you can just tell Alexa to "play STATION NAME HERE" For example, "Alexa, play TNN Radio."