1. TRT Tamil Olli

    HELP: Add my radio station on WiFi Tuner Radios...

    Hello, Can you please send me the link used where I can add my station and make sure that it is broadcast a global scale on WiFi Tuner Radios ? Thank you in advance. Regards, TRT Tamil Olli
  2. twitterautopost

    Alexa Skills for Radio

    We have a new exciting new service to tell you about! Our 'Alexa Radio Skill' service... Home assistants are experiencing huge growth at the moment. Whether it's the Amazon Echo, the Google Home or Apple's latest assistant, the Homepod... Every home is getting one. Amazon has already sold tens...
  3. M

    Looking for Broadcasters!

    Hey! City World Radio Network is based in NYC, but we have broadcasters all the way to the west coast. We are looking for more talent to fill up our schedule! It can be prerecorded, or you can use our studio if you are in the area! For more details, email me at macy (at)!
  4. M

    experienced dj looking to simulcast updated

    Hello everyone: First of all, to all the station managers and/or djs out there who are Moms, I'd just like to say a big Happy Mother's Day 2017 to all of you. Back in January, I had posted about simulcasting my show via simulcast as a way to gain more listeners and expand my show to a wider...
  5. S

    Mixer with Mic Muting

    Hello All! I wonder if any of you might have two minutes to help me? I'm in the process of building an internet radio station, with the view of using some of the equipment for a community radio license in the future. At the moment I plan to do this in two phases - Phase 1 - constant music...
  6. B

    looking for Reliable DJs

    Hey all Im currently waiting to go live with my station. im going to be aiming at a local market here in cork city. but would still like to pick up experienced DJs to go live. my station is going to be aimed locally at cork city first. im also going to be looking for people with confidence to...
  7. Wade Garrett

    Looking for regular slot - Industrial/Darkwave/EBM preferred

    Hi I have been around the block a few times, for sure. I love broadcasting. My experience started with 3 years in hospital radio and then a short spell at BBC Radio Surrey before I migrated to internet broadcasting around 7 years ago. Looking for a station that a.) Has a good technical set-up...
  8. J

    Mixlr problem

    I am in charge of tech for an Australian university radio station. Lately, we've been experiencing a broadcasting issue. Often, rather than broadcasting the desired audio, listeners will experience a strange (and somewhat hard to describe) 'glitchy' beeping sound. We are using Soundflower and...
  9. Dan Butler

    Seeking Creative Individuals

    Power Zone Radio is looking for creative and entertaining individuals to fill slots on our station. No experience is required but suitable broadcast software is as we do not provide the software. You must have your own music collection. Scheduling is flexible. Whether you want to do one or...