If anybody is looking for a classic rock, But 60s era preferred Dj, I'm looking to volunteer for a good classic rock station, or 60s era preferred. I've been retired from professional top 40 radio, classic rock for some time now, but others still tell me I can do it still, How Figure Huh ? Maybe its one of those things, once its in your blood, it never leaves.

I have Sam's Broadcaster, what version [ lol ] who knows. I have a ton of classic rock songs, and my own 60s collection. I could easily do a 4 to 6 hour gig, every day of the week. I have problems with this Automation Stuff, so if your interested, you'll have to help me get streaming with Mr. Sam's.

Letters Of Professional & Character Reference Available, do You :>)

I was going to set up my own stream here, but I get all messed up as the folks who run this know [ lol ]. Hope to hear from somebody who does it for real.