radio announcer looking to volunteer

  1. S

    Looking For Radio Personal(Presenters) Volunteers

    (Voluntary & Working From Home ONLY" ) !if you have experience Being An Online Radio Presenter, And have a laptop or PC!? "Pop Us A Message Today" If you would "Love to volunteer" Here's your taxi
  2. heartbeatz radio

    Heartbeatz Radio

    We’re rooted in great music and branching out all over the planet! Heartbeatz radio is your safe haven from the stresses of the world, a place where you can hide away for a time and just enjoy the music and company. Heartbeatz radio is a brand new radio station for all to enjoy. We’re like...
  3. Stardusk Fm

    Stardusk Fm Looking For Live Presenter Monday To Thursday And Pre Record 90s Show For Sunday 8-10 Pm (Adelaide Time Zone Australia)

    Hello Stardusk Fm Is Looking For Live Presenter On Monday To Thursday If You Are Interested In Join Stardusk Fm Please Get In Touch By Post Below And I Will Get Back To You How To Get Set Up. Also Stardusk Fm Is Looking For A Pre Record 90s Show Which Only Played Music From That Decade 90s If...
  4. Highlowradio

    We're hiring radio presenters.

    HighLow Radio is opening its doors to new presenters from anywhere? Think you have the attributes you need to become a presenter at HighLow Radio? Well apply today at So, what are we looking for in a presenter? Here at HighLow Radio, we are looking for volunteer...
  5. MasterzRadio

    Are You Looking to DJ, DJ Spots are Open for a weekly schedule!

    Masterz Radio is looking for DJs of all skill levels. We are looking for new and experienced DJs to come on board, and learn the ropes of Internet Radio. We also welcome DJs that have been around a while and want to share their knowledge and help DJs that are learning to improve shows. Masterz...
  6. colinseterlien

    Noxx Radio searching for DJ`s

    Hello, Noxx Radio is now re-opening, and we wish all languages welcome to our station. Send me a mail: if someone is intrested.
  7. B

    Thank you guys!

    Hello Everyone! First I would like to thank everyone, both listeners and broadcasters for supporting Heat FM! You guys are truly amazing. With that being said, we have a few more spots that need to be filled. Please see below. If you are interested in filling any of these slots, please reply...
  8. G

    looking for new presenters?

    Hey, you clicked on the links so thanks! We are a married couple and our show was voted the best community radio show. Our one-hour weekly radio show which aims to make the listener feel good now goes out on various FM, community and internet radio stations. Now, we record the show as live on...
  9. A

    Presenter of indie rock music looking for a show

    I've been presenting for years on various ststions and present at hospital radio in my home town of Coleraine. I love the local scene and I acivally seek out new music from all over the world. I'm looking for a station that would support my passion for new unheard indie music. I really like...
  10. S

    Anybody Looking for an old school Classic Rock & Top 40DJ 60s Era

    If anybody is looking for a classic rock, But 60s era preferred Dj, I'm looking to volunteer for a good classic rock station, or 60s era preferred. I've been retired from professional top 40 radio, classic rock for some time now, but others still tell me I can do it still, How Figure Huh ? Maybe...