What is your favourite John Hughes movie?

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Quite Great

And it originated in the past. BIG ZERO’s track ‘Tear It Up and Start Again’ is an attitude filled punchy guitar/synth song that conjures the electronic magic of the 80’s but still feels like a new sound using their modern take on the world.

The ZERO’s clearly take a lot of inspiration from the era as the video for the track uses the legendary cult film ‘The Breakfast Club’ originally released in 1985, as their set up.

Watch it here:

‘Tear It Up and Start Again’ comes from the bands EP ‘Mainstream Propaganda’ which, as you can tell, dips into BIG ZERO’s take on the modern world and our society of dictated media within it as well as thoughts about the future of humans relationship with technology.

BIG ZERO’s view is, “every day humans get closer to technological singularity, and we strongly believe that when that day comes, we will be judged on our ethical treatment and moral judgement when it came to how we developed robotic technology.” The guys certainly aren’t completely stuck in the 80s then...

“Mainstream Propaganda” is due for release May 20th 2016

Catch BIG ZERO live:

May 21st - Rising Sun Arts Centre in Reading,

May 27th - The Deaf Institute (playing with Bis), Manchester

June 10th - Sub89 (playing with Bis), Reading