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  1. radio35

    Roberto Bocchetti - No Love FREE DOWNLOAD

    Hello everybody, my latest single "No Love" is available for free download. The song is released under Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-SA Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike. No need to pay rights to anybody when you play the song on your radio station or share with friends. Thank you.
  2. radio35

    New music EDM Pop

    Hi, I would like to present my latest productions, available for broadcasting. Free Listening/Download from Soundcloud
  3. Music Discovery XO

    Music News: Megalomaniac | Music Discovery XO

    Music News Update. Get all the latest news about Elliott Waits For No One. February 16, 2021: Megalomaniac. Independent (indie) rock music news on the Indie Music Press Release Board. Read the full story at...
  4. Ben Noble

    Fresh Out Radio - new international jazz with Ben Noble

    This show's all about exploring the global melting pot, sharing new jazz-influenced music from around the world. From Japanese funk to Canadian soul, from Portuguese Fado to Taureg Desert Blues, the global music scene owes a lot to jazz. With our own jazz explosion happening right now in the UK...
  5. Unpredictable Porridge

    Fancy Some Porridge?

    Unpredictable Porridge has provisionally started and hopes to be launching towards the end of the year with a schedule of live programmes, pre-recorded shows and DJ mixes. We hope to be hosting a series of gigs and events during this time leading up to our launch. We will be a music based...
  6. Quite Great

    Texas crooner, Andy Meadows, releases upbeat swing single ‘Never Be The Same’

    ‘…it’s as if Fort Worth, the home of cowboys and culture, has been cannily reduced to musical form.” Preston Jones Telegram ‘Never Be The Same’ is the latest fun upbeat swing single from rising Texas artist Andy Meadows set to appear on his upcoming album Modern Day Crooner...
  7. Quite Great

    Brooklyn band Newborn give new life to rock – new single ‘Gravity and upcoming EP

    “Rock is not dead. Brooklyn trio Newborn released a new single called ‘Runaround’ last week, and it is everything you have been waiting for.! - AXS Magazine “The Coney-Island natives are forging a path for a new generation of rock lovers with a DIY attitude and mainstream accessibility.”! -...
  8. Quite Great

    Upbeat and inspirational new electro-pop single ‘Step by Step’ by Challan Carmichael

    Up-and-coming UK singer, Challan Carmichael, delivers this new feel good single ‘Step by Step’ out June 3rd. Sporting a fantastic hook and a bubbly electropop beat, the track has all the ingredients of a catchy pop song, made all the more engaging by its positive and life-affirming lyrics...
  9. Quite Great

    Electrifying self-titled debut album from Belfast rock band, The Irontown Diehards

    Belfast band, The Irontown Diehards, deliver this self-titled debut album, a hi-octane rock riff-fest set for release on May 27th. Citing Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry and Bon Jovi as influences, The Irontown Diehards are a band that hard rock enthusiasts worldwide need in their iTunes...
  10. Quite Great

    The Breaking Pattern revitalise emo rock on spectacular new album, ‘There Are Roadmaps In Our Veins’

    ‘The face of the Phoenix emo revival movement’ – The Huffington Post Arizona indie rock group, The Breaking Pattern, are bringing a fresh new sound to the emo scene on their debut album There Are Roadmaps In Our Veins. Anthemic vocals and reverb-soaked guitars make for a euphoric and...
  11. Ten Thousand Hours Music

    The Godson of Rick James New Single

    Greetings from Atlanta! I have a new single for your review from Slyce ft. Brandon Stylez. It's called The Sorrow. Slyce comes from a long family history of soulful music and is the Godson of Rick James. Listen to the lyrics. I think a lot of us can relate to it. If you like it, I can send...
  12. Quite Great

    BIG ZERO have a message for you from their synth-punk world!

    And it originated in the past. BIG ZERO’s track ‘Tear It Up and Start Again’ is an attitude filled punchy guitar/synth song that conjures the electronic magic of the 80’s but still feels like a new sound using their modern take on the world. The ZERO’s clearly take a lot of inspiration from the...
  13. Quite Great

    Japanese Fighting Fish are ‘Swimming with Piranhas’ in their new savage release!

    'What a glorious noise.' The Tom Robinson Show, BBC 6 Music Japanese Fighting Fish, four lads who anchor their boat in London, are bringing fun back to rock with their electrifying new album ‘Swimming with Piranhas’, plunging us knee-deep into ferocious riffs then pulling us out again with...
  14. R

    Christian music/Jazz available to stations

    I just joined the site. I'm an independent producer. I have some songs in the praise/worship style for Christian stations, and acoustic jazz that could play on any station looking for instrumentals. By the end of February a gospel bluegrass album will be available for stations of that genre. If...