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Clean as creme fraiche, new mix for Soho Radio now up:

Pariah - Drug The Lake [Houndstooth]
Dorian Concept- Promises [BRAINFEEDER]
Al Zanders - Guidance [Undaground Therapy Muzik]
Mangabey - GUFM (Folamour Remix) [Toy Tonics]
Folamour - Devoted To U (SESSION VICTIM Extended Remix) [Classic Music Company]
The Revenge - Times Get Tough [Dirt Crew]
Verner - Tecladista [Quartet Series]
DJ BORING - Found Love [Shall Not Fade]
Tom Jarmey - What Does Honey Taste Like [
Kornél Kovács - Metropolis (Radio Edit) [unknown to the unknown]
Måns Glaeser - Velvet Tony [Velvet Pony]
Loods & Mall Grab - Love Is Real [Shall Not Fade]
Mark Broom - Fun (18 Mix) [bek audio]
Mr President - Got to a Go Go (Lemin Sad People Edit) [Free DL]
Pezzner - Devils Advocate [Silence in Metropolis]
Nicola - Calypso [Velours Records]
Peggy Gou - Shero [Needs not-for-profit]
Junes - Brass Hand (Original Mix) [Galdoors]
Thee J Johanz - Look At All Those Stars
The Third Man - Parallax
THE HACKER - Body Diktat
Cardopusher - Bughouse [Afro Acid]
MODESELEKTOR (OFFICIAL SITE) - Kalif Storch [Modeselktor]
Abby Echiverri - Nadezhda
Second Storey - Barrel Roll (@DeFeKT Remix) [Houndstooth]
BLD - From Shelter To Shelter
Regis - King Pin Frankie

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Oooo it's getting close to 3 years at Soho Radio!
Here's my last show at the age of 2:

Kareem Lofty - Equilibrium [Quiet Time]
Principleasure - Ecdo (Kurt Baggaley Remix) [principleasure]
Sonny - B 4 Me [koldt bord]
Johannes Albert - Pachanga [Needwant]
Tilman - Look At You Around Midnight [Fine]
Early Motions - Late Night Coffee High [Ltd, W/Lbl]
S3A - QuickSheitan [Times Are Ruff]
Kapote - Yeah Pass It (Mangabey Remix) [Toytonics]
Ricky Razu - What's Not To Love About You [Nerang]
Mark Funk & DannY Cruz - Superlovin' [Cruise Music]
Marquis Hawkes & Jamie Lidell - We Should Be Free (Hawkes Dub) [Houndstooth]
Johannes Albert - Beach Reach [Fine]
Tilman - Something Wonderful [Fine]
Anthony Fade - I'm Weak [Slothboogie]
James Pepper - Global Warming []
Nathan Surreal - Hanakotoba [Biologic Records]
Helena Hauff - Qualm [Ninja Tune]
ATTRAKTTA - Stay Frosty [Film]
Dauwd - Macadam Therapy (Vakula Remix) [Technicolour]
STL - Hide & Seek (Fold Dub) [Boogie Box]
ROM 303 - Weird Clouds [Platz für Tanz]
Clocked Devices - Intergalactic [Too Rough For Radio]
Guy Contact - Antuna Bozica [Bitterfeld]
Turk Turkelton - Da South [Nerang]
Foreign Sequence - Trùùm((33rd) [Gestalt]
Maelstrom - Smoker [Cultivated Electronics]
Cari Lekebusch & Benjamin Mull - Conception [H- Productions]
Blue Hour - Meridian (Truncate Remix)
aphtc - When Grounds Shift (The Otolith is Obsolete) [Arcane Patterns]
Trinity Carbon - Smacky Dove [Art-E Fax]
CLUBKELLY - Never Been [Crazylegs]
Freund der Familie - Mountbatton [Freund Der Familie]

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