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Clean as creme fraiche, new mix for Soho Radio now up:

Pariah - Drug The Lake [Houndstooth]
Dorian Concept- Promises [BRAINFEEDER]
Al Zanders - Guidance [Undaground Therapy Muzik]
Mangabey - GUFM (Folamour Remix) [Toy Tonics]
Folamour - Devoted To U (SESSION VICTIM Extended Remix) [Classic Music Company]
The Revenge - Times Get Tough [Dirt Crew]
Verner - Tecladista [Quartet Series]
DJ BORING - Found Love [Shall Not Fade]
Tom Jarmey - What Does Honey Taste Like [
Kornél Kovács - Metropolis (Radio Edit) [unknown to the unknown]
Måns Glaeser - Velvet Tony [Velvet Pony]
Loods & Mall Grab - Love Is Real [Shall Not Fade]
Mark Broom - Fun (18 Mix) [bek audio]
Mr President - Got to a Go Go (Lemin Sad People Edit) [Free DL]
Pezzner - Devils Advocate [Silence in Metropolis]
Nicola - Calypso [Velours Records]
Peggy Gou - Shero [Needs not-for-profit]
Junes - Brass Hand (Original Mix) [Galdoors]
Thee J Johanz - Look At All Those Stars
The Third Man - Parallax
THE HACKER - Body Diktat
Cardopusher - Bughouse [Afro Acid]
MODESELEKTOR (OFFICIAL SITE) - Kalif Storch [Modeselktor]
Abby Echiverri - Nadezhda
Second Storey - Barrel Roll (@DeFeKT Remix) [Houndstooth]
BLD - From Shelter To Shelter
Regis - King Pin Frankie

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Oooo it's getting close to 3 years at Soho Radio!
Here's my last show at the age of 2:

Kareem Lofty - Equilibrium [Quiet Time]
Principleasure - Ecdo (Kurt Baggaley Remix) [principleasure]
Sonny - B 4 Me [koldt bord]
Johannes Albert - Pachanga [Needwant]
Tilman - Look At You Around Midnight [Fine]
Early Motions - Late Night Coffee High [Ltd, W/Lbl]
S3A - QuickSheitan [Times Are Ruff]
Kapote - Yeah Pass It (Mangabey Remix) [Toytonics]
Ricky Razu - What's Not To Love About You [Nerang]
Mark Funk & DannY Cruz - Superlovin' [Cruise Music]
Marquis Hawkes & Jamie Lidell - We Should Be Free (Hawkes Dub) [Houndstooth]
Johannes Albert - Beach Reach [Fine]
Tilman - Something Wonderful [Fine]
Anthony Fade - I'm Weak [Slothboogie]
James Pepper - Global Warming []
Nathan Surreal - Hanakotoba [Biologic Records]
Helena Hauff - Qualm [Ninja Tune]
ATTRAKTTA - Stay Frosty [Film]
Dauwd - Macadam Therapy (Vakula Remix) [Technicolour]
STL - Hide & Seek (Fold Dub) [Boogie Box]
ROM 303 - Weird Clouds [Platz für Tanz]
Clocked Devices - Intergalactic [Too Rough For Radio]
Guy Contact - Antuna Bozica [Bitterfeld]
Turk Turkelton - Da South [Nerang]
Foreign Sequence - Trùùm((33rd) [Gestalt]
Maelstrom - Smoker [Cultivated Electronics]
Cari Lekebusch & Benjamin Mull - Conception [H- Productions]
Blue Hour - Meridian (Truncate Remix)
aphtc - When Grounds Shift (The Otolith is Obsolete) [Arcane Patterns]
Trinity Carbon - Smacky Dove [Art-E Fax]
CLUBKELLY - Never Been [Crazylegs]
Freund der Familie - Mountbatton [Freund Der Familie]

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So here it is - (nearly) 3 hour special for 3 years of Capeface at Soho Radio! WOOO

Thanks to everyone that's tuned in over the years, for all the artists / labels that've sent me music and thanks so Soho for giving me a platform to share my tastes ❤️

Nadia Khan - Sunburnt
Paul Frick - Neo Biedermeier
Dorian Concept - Dishwater
Ratgrave - Blizzard People
The Last Poets - Understand What Black Is (Dego & Kaidi Instrumental)
Cavanaut - Vanishing Point
Christophe Salin - Shall I Give (Love Another Try)
COEO - Pajama Stomp
Till von Sein - Impala
Paolo Barbato - Let's Make Love
Stephan Grieder - Nowhere To Go
New Phunk Theory - Dancer
Cricco Castelli - Funky Sensation
Deodato - S.O.S / Fire In The Sky
Hanna - Finger Of Love
Girls of the Internet - Remember My Name (Girls of the Internet Samplers & Drum Machine Dub)
Naohito - Horsehead Nebula
Jon Dixon - Our Love Goes Over Feat. Kynadi Echols
Coflo - Fazendo Coisas (feat. Gyrefunk)
Ross From Friends - The Beginning
Doppelate - Pili Pala Kisses
Rhode & Brown - Sparkle
Christophe - Unity Vibez
Jamie Trench - That Teebs (Stab Dub)
Vegetable Disco - Because We Used To
Jon Deleerious - Revelation
Syclops - Where's Jason's K
Elles x Violet - A Life Lived in Fear Is Like A Life Half Lived (Etbonz Remix)
Om Unit - Tahatan (OSVMVSM Redux)
Jeans - Onenightstandsexreview
Hugo Massien - Alien Shapes
DJ Arg - Pervers
Otik - Top Ten
Amduscias - She-Witch
Jensen Interceptor, Mikron - Unleaded 98 (feat. Mikron)
Dopplereffekt - Cellularphone
Helena Hauff - Hyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg
Josh - Inception
Jon Hopkins - Everything Connected (Stephan Hinz Remix)
Nicolas Bougaïeff - Woke Up As A Copy
Judas - ID7
Deapmash - Basement Space Party
Manni Dee - Gulabi Gang
SCB - Intelligence Fetish (Isaac Reuben Remix)
The Burrell Connection - Hyper_14.255
Nigil Caenaan - January's End

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Why don't ya whack the fire on now it's September and tune into old Capeface's Soho Radio show

Ben Hauke - Get [Far Out]
Pokopoko - Iglozub [Tomorrow Is Now Kid!]
Lorca - Intimate Friend [Live Ones]
Marion Poncet - Fantasy [In The Box Records]
String Theorum & Test Pattern - Ear Power []
Art Alfie - Bondkatten [Toy Tonics]
Jaxx Madicine - Blue Bird [Dirt Crew Recordings]
DJ Windows XP - Breakfast at Wendy's [Live Ones]
Matthieu Faubourg - As Far As I Know [Smile For A While]
Westcoast Goddess - I Guess I Want a Family [Heart To Heart Records]
Danvers - Someone To Count On [Boogie Cafe]
Cassettes For Kids - I Know [Gateway Records]
Sebb Junior - Don't Stop [Madhouse Records]
George Feely - Far [Roots for Bloom]
HP Vince & Dave Leatherman - Burning Up (Jackin Mix) [Cruise Music]
ANZU - Falling [Louder + Louder Recordings]
SZCH - No One [Infinite Pleasure]
25 Places - Bleak Moments [Dirt Crew Recordings]
Craig Bratley - 99.9% [Futureboogie]
Nathan Micay - First Casualty [Whities]
ASA 808 - Woke [TOYS]
Horowitz - Oh Lui (DJ Heure Remix) [Unknown Records]
Ahu - Searching [Dichotomy]
Daniel Bortz - What A Time To Be Alive [Pastamusik]
Priori - Leveler [ASL]
Justin Ramsay - In Transit [BBC]
Gessture - Two Moons [Enclave Records]
Addison Groove & Bim Sanga Presents Bags Inc. - D Question [Dance Trax]
Youandewan - Thewizzwasfordillysmissus [!K7]
Marco Wachs - Twinrix [RFR]
Truncate - Wave 1 (Ray Kajioka Remix) [Truncate]
J. Tijn - 6-3 6-2 6-2 [In An Instant]
Legowelt - Omnibus Babylon [Clone]
Vronsky - Channel Basic [SINO]
The Parallel - Exosphere [Komisch]
Donato Dozzy - Nine O' Three [Tresor]
D.Dan - Sudan Sedan [Lobster Theremin]
Etch - Groove Control [Sneaker Social Club]

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This month's Soho Radio Show in! Brand new guest mix feature as well coming from DJ Paramedic (aka Olly Fuller) and it's a corker

BAILE - Undone [Claytara Records]
Mitch von Arx - Nevada [Project Mooncircle]
Doppelate - I Can't Get You Out of my Head [X-Kalay]
Al Bradley - DJ - Move a Little Closer [Muzik & Friendz]
Lootbeg - Eupen [Sensu]
DJ Clea - Don't Ask [Hot Haus Records]
Johannes Albert - Fountain Of Youth [Frank Music]
Frag Maddin - Poke Along [JANX Records]
Letherette - Major [Wulf]
Apparel Wax - 005A1 [Apparel Wax]
Tech Support DJ - Friends [Anti Skate]
Slamb - Why Stop Now [CLIFF MUSIC]
Vitess - Jumpin [Cliff Music Records]
Ciggy De La Noche - Moroccan Mint Infusion [Lobster Theremin
Kim Brown - Helical Scan (Earth Boys Remix) [Needwant]
Nathan Micay - Basic Plumbing [On Loop]
Harrison BDP - Dust [Haŵs]
Reedale Rise - Lorelei [Frustrated Funk]

Orson Wells - Orbiting Jupiter
Kiel - Rain Dance
Dexter - Twilight Life
Endian - Birdhouse
Fern - The Sun Is High
Ricardo Villalobos - 808 the Bassqueen
Trypheme - Away From Prying Eyes
DJ Normal 4 - Andale
Lord Of The Isles - Grafta
Pip Williams - Fundamental
Confreg - Vict0ria
Tracing Circles - Kaieteur Falls [Air Texture]
Farron - T-Junk [Renascence]
Mor Elian - Dossgroove [Fever AM]
DJ 3000 - Escapia (Ambivalent Remix) [Motech Records]
Mariel Ito - Dmode90 [Lone Romantic]
Delikwe - African [XCPT]
Stranger - Threevided [Self Reflektion]
Repro - Hot Led Payoff [Kulør]
Ed Chamberlain - Dave [Baselogic Productions]
Mahakala - Desert Road [Mahakala]

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Fresh into 2019 with and a , my first Soho Radio show of the year, running down some of my fav purchases of 2018 + a guest mix from the wonderful Monika 모니카

Catch his most recent release in Hazed & Confucius' 2nd compilation here:

Jonwayne - Seasons Greetings [Bandcamp DL]
Budgie - Every Day [HGZ]
An-2 & Samos - Gran Turismo [Theomatic]
Childish Gambino - Redbone (Alffie Edit) [XLR8R Free DL]
Fatima Yamaha - Piayes Beach Bar & Grill [Dekmantel]
North Lake - Hearing Voices [Phonica Records]
Calou - Rich People [Inermu]
Jorge Zamacona - You Can Get [Eukahouse]
Tony Rainwater - Black Dream Flowers [Lehult]
Gene Tellum - NYC Meditation [Wolf Music Recordings]
Soela - Not a Dream - Just a Purpose [Of Paradise]
Tristan Arp - Instinct [Human Pitch]
Fur Coat - Plaid [ODDITY Records]
James Heather - MHope (DJ Seinfeld Yada Yada Remix) [Ahead of our Time]
Central - Twice the Space in Space [Help Recordings]
William Earl - Figure of State (Doppelate Remix) [Cherub Records]
Teluric - Orange Sunset [Teluric]
Janeret - Interstellar [yoyaku x Concrete]
Yamen & EDA - Spacesuit [Organic]
Roza Terenzi - Gigi [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Harry Wills - Oviscape [OSMAN]
ETIENNE - V3 [Sequalog]
Nonenity - Raw Method [Source Material]
PHONE TRAXXX - Never Was [Phone Traxxx]
ADA Acid – ‘Lust (ADA's Edit)’ [Bootcamp]
Closet Yi – ‘Salt 02’ [Salt OST]
Ryuichi Sakamoto – ‘Thousand Knives’ (Jae Young’s Rework) [Unreleased]
JNS – ‘LoFi Monday’ [Unreleased]
DJ Bowlcut – ‘Fucks Given Zero’ [Unframe Seoul]
Monika – ‘Hidden Views’ [Hazed & Confucius]
Mignon – ‘Urban Forest’ [Honey Badger Records]
Twotoneshape – ‘Untitled’ [Unreleased]
V!SION – ‘Paranoia’ [Circuit Seoul]

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