Centova Cast 3.2.4 Released.

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We have just updated all servers to the latest Centova Cast v3.2.4.

Here's the summary :
New features:

  • Added support for creating custom track report (CSV) spreadsheets
  • Added a new `report` API method and commandline option to manually (re)generate track report spreadsheets
  • Added support for importing arbitrary ID3 tags from media files
  • Added viewer/editor for imported ID3 tags in media library
  • Added support for including arbitrary ID3 tag data in track report spreadsheets
  • Added new options (unique, exclusive) to M3U importer
  • Added a new `importpls` commandline option to invoke M3U importer


  • Improved path mapping in M3U importer
  • Provisioning to best available host now considers license limits


  • Fixed regression in which event log may only show the first page of log entries
  • Fixed regression in event log keyword search
  • Fixed bug which made Liquidsoap callbacks unusable
  • Fixed 'undefined' dialog in media library under certain conditions
  • Fix ambiguous error message when next-song handler cannot connect to database