Centova Cast 3.2.5 Released.

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We have just updated all servers to the latest Centova Cast v3.2.5.

Here's the summary :

New features:

  • Add --reseller, --resellers, --users, and --all options to backup utility
  • Rework scheduled playlist track selector to better handle corner cases
  • IceCast status information is now retrieved from /admin/stats instead of status page
  • Add CORS header to /recentfeed/ endpoint
  • Enable jPlayer support for DNAS2
  • Display loading state in jPlayer
  • Preserve custom changes to sctrans2 outprotocol_x settings
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in Centova Cast login form
  • Fixed display glitch in Centova Cast iHost module
  • Fixed warning in cron job when account has zero data transfer for the reporting period
  • Fixed character encoding issues in German language files
  • Fixed cosmetic logging issue in track selector
  • Fixed potential time zone calculation problems in scheduled playlists
  • Fixed rare scheduling order bug with multiple closely-timed scheduled playlists
  • Fixed improper handling of single result rows from Centova Cast's API in WHMCS and iHost modules
  • Fixed bug in which uploads to folders containing special characters may fail
  • Updated backup system to include extended media tags and custom performance reports
  • Updated email address validation code to support new long TLDs


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Level 2 Support
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New interim build updated. Changes:


  • Add duration to Liquidsoap metadata to keep Liquidsoap from miscalculating queue length (fixes "songs inserted between playlists" and "unexplained fallback to failsafe playlists" problems)
  • Listeners meter in client area now displays total listeners instead of main mount point listeners
  • Added additional progress notifications during backup restoration
  • Update backup restoration to convert zeroed date fields to MySQL strict-compatible values
  • Extend "backup file not found" error message with painfully explicit details for newbie convenience


  • Fixed bug in which album name would be omitted from stream details widget if no album cover was on file
  • Fixed bug in which configured but unused IceCast mount points could cause duplicates in live listener list
  • Fixed bug in which empty but required directories would not be restored from backups
  • Fixed error when restoring backups without a target username
  • Fixed pathname issue when restoring backups with automatic usernames
  • Fixed regression in account-created template display caused by earlier XSS fixes
  • Fixed regression in track selector which could cause occasional fallback to static playlist