Centova Cast v3.2.0 released.

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The folks over at Centova have finally released version 3.2.0 of their control panel which we use here at internet-radio.com.

Centova Cast v3.2.0 is now available.

While this release contains a substantial number of "user-visible" changes, this represents the first in a number of planned builds in which major changes are also taking place "under the hood" in Centova Cast. These changes are bringing increased stability and maintainability to the Centova Cast code base, modernizing our infrastructure, and laying the foundation for a number of major upcoming features that have been in hot demand for some time now.

New features:

  • Added Web Player widget allowing end-users to embed Muses or jPlayer in their web pages
  • Added support for changing account usernames
  • Added support for SHOUTcast DNAS v2.5+ features
  • Added custom syntax highlighting for Liquidsoap and DNAS2 in raw configuration editor
  • Added support for CentOS 7 and Debian Jessie
  • Added support for MySQL v5.6 and MariaDB equivalents of supported MySQL versions
  • Added PREPROCESS_TRACK_INFO setting to import tracks without sanitizing artists/titles
  • Added comet daemon support and realtime event notification framework
  • Added new send-email plugin event


  • Major refactoring of account/template editor backends and UI code
  • Major refactoring of API/CLI output interface
  • Improved Quick Links page with autoDJ-enabled vs. autoDJ-disabled live source settings
  • Host in account templates can now be changed to any host supporting the selected server/source type
  • Reseller accounts are now included in system.usage API calls (and consequently, reseller usage information is now passed to WHMCS)
  • Added CORS headers to JSON interfaces to allow cross-domain API usage
  • Server logs are now rotated regardless of whether the server is currently running
  • Added automatic handling of mono MP3s with Liquidsoap
  • Added extra debug logging for event scripts
  • Progress during zip/unzip operations is now more detailed
  • Advanced Liquidsoap settings are now collapsed by default
  • Staff members with staff management privileges can no longer assign permissions they do not possess
  • Staff members with staff management privileges can no longer modify their own permissions
  • Display settings.liq in configuration editor instead of source.conf for Liquidsoap
  • Improved handling of backups containing empty directories
  • Improved page number selection in admin log viewer
  • Improved handling of database connectivity errors
  • Extended length of proxy IP address field to support hostnames
  • Non-scalar event parameters are now JSON-encoded before being passed to event scripts
  • Reload feature is now clearer about which app(s) were/weren't successfully reloaded
  • Work around IceCast 2.4.0 "bugfix" which broke relative fallback paths
  • Verbose logging mode can now be disabled via ices0/ices-cc configuration files
  • Remove deprecated DNAS2 config settings


  • Many security-related fixes, mostly in upstream packages
  • Fixed bug in type determination of Liquidsoap mount point fields
  • Fixed bug in which log viewer would show blank pages when encountering lines longer than 10KB
  • Fixed regression in which reseller logo paths weren't created at account creation time
  • Fixed warnings when importing tracks with unusual ID3 tags
  • Fixed Liquidsoap parameter type handling issues
  • Fixed Liquidsoap numeric-to-string conversion issues
  • Fixed bug in Liquidsoap configuration for mount points with custom names
  • Fixed bug in which suspended accounts might not be automatically unsuspended
  • Fixed bug in which staff members with 'superuser' privilege were prevented from making certain account changes
  • Fixed issue with 'view statistics' staff permission
  • Fixed issues with 'superuser' staff members not receiving unrestricted privileges
  • Fixed non-i18n strings in statistics pages
  • Fixed provisioning error in account templates with host set to "automatically choose"
  • Fixed regression causing broken file icons in browse-by-folders media library view
  • Fixed regression causing log trim feature to return a permissions error
  • Fixed potentially incorrect information on Quick Links page when using Liquidsoap
  • Clean up debug output when only a single track exists
  • Corrected boolean type casting problems in Liquidsoap integration
  • Suppress Liquidsoap "description" field for SHOUTcast 2 server


We plan to roll out the new update to all our servers over the next week. We will update you all about it in this thread.

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We have finally finished testing the new update and just rolled it out to all our new servers.

Here are some new features we are particularly excited about :
  1. Web Player Widget - Embed jPlayer (HTML5 / Flash) into your own website.
  2. The ability to change your username (previously we required you to setup a new account).
  3. Bug fixes! (always good).