Charity Event - DJ's Wanted

Hi we are on the lookout for DJ's to join our charity event. It all started with 2 DJ's through their passion of music decided to do a back 2 back set spanning over 12 hours. This quickly changed into a charity event, the charity being supported is the Jenny Lind Children's Hospital.
The event will take place on December the 4th starting at 10:00am. So please give your support for the Jenny Lind Children's Hospital who has been helping babies, children and young people. We accept all genres so If you are a budding DJ and interested in making this happen we have created a shared spreadsheet, if you can attend on any of the dates/times then please put yourself down. All updates and announcements will be given out on our discord server, if you do not wish to join the discord simply send us an email with your DJ name to let us know you're on the list and we will update you via that method -
Each DJ will get a radio jingle to play during the event - if they wish to play it, also a professional flyer will be given out closer to the date - this will include all Dj's names that are included in the event and the times they are playing. Also, every DJ playing + times will be listed on the website page where the charity is being held.

We will of course keep this thread updated - I hope you can join us in making this event happen

link to the DJ registration:
link to justgiving page:
link to our website for the event:

Thank you for your support and hope to see you there on the 4th December and again from all of us at Mix365 Thank You ! :)


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Shaz Kuiama

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How does this work? How do you contact people interested in this event? I am interested in giving you 2pm to 4pm UK time on Sat Dec 4th.
HI Shaz, thanks for you reply. The event stream is using shoutcast servers, all info on how to connect will be supplied. In the main thread there is a link to a public document - the DJ registration. If you are still interested and can confirm that date/time then simply enter your details of your set there. Any announcements and updates about the event will be posted on our discord sever, however we appreciate not everyone wants to do that. Simple email us and we will contact each individual that way. Hope that helps. Thanks
If you would to get your name down and get involved then please get in touch, full details can be found at the top of this post. Thank you.

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The flyer is changing most days now.. Every slot is now full for the Saturday, if you would still like to get involved on the sunday then slots are still available. We've also taken on some sponsorship with the Royal Mail and WorkplaceIT so strap yourselves in this is going to be an event to remember. If you are a DJ or would simply like to get involved then please get InTouch over at our website or by emailing Thank you from all of us at Mix365 Radio.
Its not just for mix365 listeners! Its across multiple platforms including all social media. This is a charity event (and growing bigger by the day!) for a hospital so obviously the more interaction = more money we raise for the charity. With advertising from sponsors and NHS posting for us on their social media, anyone and everyone can get involved... its just a click away
2 slots left ! any DJ interested in this event please get in touch with us. DJ's wanted for 10:00am until 12:00PM Sunday morning on the 5th of December and the same day 20:00pm to 22:00pm. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You