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Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by Red, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Red

    Red New Member

    Hello, I am a DJ/Radio Broadcaster looking to join your team! I have a lot of Radio/DJing experience & would love to help your station out!

    Please email me at or comment below!

  2. Demo

    Demo Active Member

    Hi Red, If you like full on interaction while doing your shows then you need to not look any further than
    We offer more interaction than other stations via our Windows Media Player, Windows Desktop Gadget, Discord, Game Server Plugins.
    Check us out and if we are the station for you then:

    Cheers :)
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  3. Iconic FM

    Iconic FM New Member

    Hi red. We are looking for more djs for our team at iconic fm. and would appricate if you came and had a look at what we do

    Check out our site at and if you like it. Fill out the form at the Join our Team section or go to

    Look forward to hearing from you. :)
  4. Bigmac3388

    Bigmac3388 Member


    Take a look at our website. I think you may like what you see.

  5. Matt Skills

    Matt Skills New Member

    Hi There,

    feel free to register with realcast radio at , no application process , simply register , log in and start streaming! if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me at , or on skype using the same email address.

  6. PaulPoacher

    PaulPoacher New Member

  7. strawbs1989

    strawbs1989 New Member

    Hi red. We are looking for more djs for our team at urban8. and would appricate if you came and had a look at what we do, email us at
  8. Nightrider

    Nightrider Member

    Are you retired? Stuck at home ? Wanting a Hobby? Love Music and People?
    We at Rockin' Round The Clock Internet radio are looking for DJ"s with experience or no experience.
    We will train you to become an online DJ. IT's FREE. @ We are a 3-year-old non-profit family orientated Internet Radio station
    . Looking to GROW. We play all different genres of music but no grunge music or RAP, or foul language music.
    Contack the owner DJ Rock on Skype - therock201399 or E-Mail me @ rockinrichie@cox,net
    If you think you have the time and want a hobby that is fun, REWARDING and Great way to meet new people
  9. DJ Shadow

    DJ Shadow New Member is looking for DJ's, we are an oldies station and have been established for over 7 yrs. We are growing leaps and bounds. Go to our website.. look around.. we are state of the art, as well as our chat room.. I'm Kathryn ( DJ Shadow) and DJ Manager for Bullseye.. and I will train you to be the best you can be...It will be the most fun job you have ever had.. guaranteed.. contact me for more info..Look forward to hearing from you
  10. strawbs1989

    strawbs1989 New Member

  11. michael k

    michael k New Member

    Hello.What type of show? we are an rb, soul,funk radio station ffrom Montreal
  12. Judith Hagan

    Judith Hagan New Member

    Hi Red, I am looking for a DJ to help me out with my show. you can find me at you can contact me @
  13. We would love to have you on excess uk plaese could you send us a demo to thanks
  14. Bulldog

    Bulldog New Member

    Hi Red (or anyone else :) )

    If interested, have a look at Fantasy.

    Hit DJ Dazza up on twitter for more info etc
  15. CATV Radio is a radio station, broadcasting 24 hours a day, we are rebranding on the 1st February and would like you to be apart of our station whether it's helping us behind the scenes or being a presenter.

    We've been on the air since September 2016 and every day we bring you a unique mix of great music from the 80s to now along with all the local news and information about what's going on in this part of the world.

    CATV Radio is on air right around the clock so whether you're waking up, in need of a daytime pick me up or soothing to sleep, we're always here to keep you company and in touch.

    It's this special blend of music, entertainment, news and local information and we have our very own CATV Radio magazine but don't forget that you can be involved too ...

    get in touch with us if you wish to apply anybody any age welcome.


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