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Hello guys!

First of all Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all started somewhat good into the new year!

A few words about me:
My name is Avi, known as DJ seven K from Germany. I grew up in the late 90s where I sensed my favour for electronice dance music. As a teen I started to make my first little productions, mashups and mixes. In the beginning of 2012 I went a step further and started to broadcast my sets on ClanBase Radio where I established a weekly 2h live show. For those of you who don't know, ClanBase was a very well known gaming plattform which sadly closed in December 2013. I was part of the ClanBase crew and did admin my own open cups. Hence the fact ClanBase went offline the radio station became independant and renamed into BAIT Radio where I still broadcast my radio show every week, in January I start with my 166th Edition.

What I have to offer:
I can offer you a 2h live mixed radio show called House Rotation which covers the latest in electronic dance music, means I play Deep House, Tech House, Future House, Progressive House, Bigroom House, Electro House, EDM festival music, Tropical House, Trap and Futrue bass. I try to always have the newest releases and productions ready for my shows while also including my own mashups and remixes. In addition I try to fulfill my listeners requests and let them know when their song requests are being played. Occasionally I have a 30min or 60min. guest DJ set in my show which is also announced in advance. In the end of the year I always mix together the best songs of the past 12 months and play a 2h year mix.

Why do I want to broadcast on your station?:
After I learned alot about broadcasting and preparing a show properly on ClanBase Radio I now feel comfortable enough to say I am happy with my show format and I would like to reach out to more people. It took me quite a while to get things sorted in a way to be happy with them myself, I might be a little perfectionist in such things :p
As a result my shows are always very well prepared. I weekly browse music labels for their newest releases, listen to other famous DJ's shows (Tiesto's Clublife, Don Diablo's Hexagon Radio etc) to get new ideas how to build up my shows and I variate the sound of each set within the 2 hours, means each show covers multiple different genres of electronic music so we are not being bored easily ;)

How to get the show on your station:
There are two possibilites: I can either provide you with the pure set (plain mix + some jingles) or with a set + moderation (4-5 times / hour, in English of course). As I mentioned, I mix my sets together weekly and I am able to provide you with the set in whichever way you prefer (direct upload, email, ftp etc..).
However, my set is always pre-mixed and for now I am not able to cast the show live because I am already broadcasting it live on BAIT Radio every Monday and except Monday and Thursday I can't promise broadcasting on a weekly basis. I am always open for compromises and we might be able to find a fitting solution for both sides in private messaging.

How does my show sound like?:
Probably that's one of the most important questions to answer. Since a couple of months I upload all my sets to my mixcloud. I am rather new to this plattform and need to discover it further when I find some time. All shows uploaded to mixcloud are without moderation.
Some of my shows uploaded there are only 1h long and some episodes are missing which is simply because I was lacking time to upload them. But that's blast from the past! In the future all of my shows will be 2h long so no worries about that.

Here's my latest uploaded episode:

I have also uploaded my year mix last week so this might give you the best impression of what you can expect music wise:

You can find me on most common social media pages:


My twitter is linked to my instagram and facebook so I am not really active there. Else you can also contact me via email @ or via PM on this forum.

Have a good first week of the year and I look forward to seeing you!

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Loved your Mixcloud episode 162. I'm sure there are a few stations on here who will broadcast your sets.
We only do live, for the interaction. But if I had a play out station you would be on it.


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Somehow I can't open that link :/ Can you give more info about your station however? :)
where currently updatng our website and we are based all over with some great dj's where on at the moment which is our other site

DJ seven K

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Ok cool I see! Well I would be happy to provide you with a 2h pre-mixed live set weekly. I am going to have the next set ready on the upcomming monday.
Please let me know what you need (official description? show logo? etc) and how you would like me to deliver the set to you.
Also I guess I need to know which slot you put me on :D


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