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I'd been hosting a shows for nearly a year, but got discouraged as the stations I was on had no listeners and I was getting no interaction.

Recently my YouTube Vlog, of all original content, has taken off and I get millions of minutes watched per month as well as have thousands of subscribers. I figure I should give it one last chance as I should be able to convert some of these followers to listen to a show I present.

The show is called Retro Nouveau, where I play the best of the weeks new releases, mixed in with some themed classics.
I've also been getting interviews with up and coming artists as well as getting special guests live on the show too.
All shows are live and at one point I would like to be able to get listeners on air too.
There's some show examples here:
Retro Nouveau Old Shows
ScreenHunter_38 Dec. 02 13.28.jpg

I'm UK based, active on social media and have SAM Pro, a setup that compresses and limits for quality audio and a robust internet pipe that allows me to stream at up to 320 Kbps.
I'm also a music producer, under the moniker "Villarosso" and am adept at creating jingles and adverts.

I work full time, so I'm looking for a 3 hour weekday evening slot and am not looking to get paid. I'm open to USA based stations, as long as the timings work.

If you have any interest, please do contact me: tonyinthestudio@gmail.com
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Radio Beatz is a professional live international cyber radio station. We have a huge listener base. The award winning weekly talk show 'Europe Calling' is aired from our station.

Station website: www.radiobeatz.com

Here we promise to provide you a complete radio environment for your valuable Retro Nouveau show.
Some of our facilities:
1. We provide radio host software.
2. We highly consider our Dj's available time.
3. Excellent exposure of your show by promoting it on air & in the main billboard of our site.
4. Professional Recommendation letter with certificate is the Dj provides quality show.
5. Radio can be heard easily from any device.
6. Live 'Call-in' & messaging facility. So Dj can directly connect with listeners. This is an exclusive feature of Radio Beatz.
And many more. Above all we treat our Dj lie our family member. Rest assured.

Please consider joining our station. You will surely feel the difference.

Contact us: radiobeatz.job@gmail.com


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Just an update to this.
Been talking with my buddy and we fancy doing this as a double team effort, so there will be a bit of banter and chemistry to spice the show up a bit.

Ideally looking for a 3 hour weekday evenings slot, UK time.

Anyone interested?
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This sounds like something we at Ambron Radio would be interested in. We can offer you Friday evening but we only have from 9.30pm available if that is any good for you. Check out the station at www.ambron-radio.com and if it is then drop me an email at info@ambron-radio.com and we can discuss getting you on air.




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We are Fluid, a new radio station. We'd be happy to have you both on a Friday night at a time of your choice. We are a new station, our site is releasing within the next couple of days and it'd be great to have you as a first off on our radio to give it that bit of a spice up. Do you have the chat app Discord? If so, my Discord is Jamie#3171 otherwise, my e-mail is establishable@gmail.com

We'd also love to give you a banner on the homepage advertising the show.

Tree House Radios

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This is Treehouse Radio!

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Treehouse Radios is your safe haven from the stresses of the world, a place where you can hide away for a time and just enjoy the music and company.

Treehouse Radios is a brand new Radio station for the gaming community playing music and driving around 24/7 come along and see what we're all about.

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So, no matter what time of day or night you pay us a visit, you’re never far away from great music

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