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What it Flare, you may ask? Flare is an online radio community, we first opened up in 2017. We're a community radio station that plays you the biggest hits, including bringing you the latest news. Flare is different from quite a few different stations, we're a positive and assisting station with a realistic touch to what Radio and Media brings.



At Flare, we have a community which is non-stop growing. Throughout our staff department, we provide numerous departments. One of them is, obviously, radio. Our Radio department provides a realistic, yet being on the community side, feel. With more than 30+ Radio Presenters we provide entertainment over our airwaves more than 15+ hours every day, and we would like more people to join us to make that number increase. Flare's Radio Department is packed with experienced DJs to DJs that want to know what Radio is like, which we try our best to provide. As well as this, we have Media. In our Media Department, you write about the recent news, discuss hot topics or any headlines that you feel need to make aware to our growing community. Every hour of the day we provide non-stop quality music from the 80s, 90s and today to our wide variety of listeners.



Flare has two departments, which are the following:

is our primary department. With over 30 DJs, we aim to get our timetable fully booked, which we manage to do occasionally. We would like more DJs and Presenters to make that happen. Any hour of the day, as long as it's free, you're allowed to book. Play you're own taste of music or something that's popular currently, disguise the limits. From Grime to the 90s we like new genres and tastes to be played on air. If you're all about music, and or love to talk and engage with new people, this is the job for you.

at Flare is currently still being set up, however, we provide an easy way to make articles and post them on our site. With endless topics, you can post about anything from now to a hot subject to any breaking news. If you're that type of person that loves to write and read the news, this is the job for you. Or if you're wanting to get into Media being a Journalist, give being a Media Journalist at Flare a shot.



We love our community, if you're not interested in a job, why not join our non-stop growing community and engage yourself with people from all over the globe. Flare also love to host community events! Join our Discord by clicking here



Thanks for having a read, if you're interested in applying for Flare head over to our site https://www.flareradio.net/soon/ and give that apply button a click. Our Management or Admin team will get back to you. Any questions, let us know!

We hope to see you soon!
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Website: https://www.flareradio.net/soon/
Discord: https://discord.gg/JKDff6e