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  1. S

    Social Media Advertiser Wanted!

    We're looking for volunteers to work for us To Advertise our station on a daily basis on Social Media, Forums, Messanger, The works. Please email for more info
  2. capitalwaveradio

    New radio station opening Saturday

    Welcome to Capitalwaveradio We are a new radio station that is opening This Saturday. This radio station is just not for gaming its for Going out on a bike ride, sitting in your car and more why not join Capitalwaveradio (CWR) ON SATURDAY!!! You think you got what it takes to be a radio...
  3. S

    manager desperado needed

    urban8radio would like a second person to volunteer on our station as a manager as we need someone who will help kick our staff up the jacksi so to speak so if you want the manager job please comment the manager job is to help the station get off its feet grab loads more staff in help with...
  4. S

    station looking for djs

    urban8radio are looking for djs we play all unsigned music, rock, dance, reggae, and many more. if you are interested please hook us up
  5. S

    new presenters

    hi there i am going to keep on trying for presenters on this awesome forum :) urban8radio needs you to join our fantastic online (in the future going on DAB) radio station we play royalty rock, pop, dance,hip hop, rock, reggae, hardcore. music 18+ only for this station we are a all round...