Free Syndicated Shows for Your Station, OR Syndicate YOURS!!

KRRB Revelation Radio not only offers a huge listening audience over our entire network. We are also recognized by Spotify among their Top 25% of all Content Creators & among the Top 4% of all Podcast Presenters in our broadcasting genre.

Our Station Features a Variety of Quality Content suitable all audiences and age groups. While allowing the flexibility for our listeners to receive our programming not only through the Revelation Radio Website. But also on their smartphones, computers, automobiles, and Social Media Platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Amazon Alexa.

And for those wishing to Host a New or Existing Radio Show on our Station. Revelation Radio offers Individuals, Groups, Companies, Organizations and Content Creators the ability to Produce or Syndicate New & Existing Recorded and/or "LIVE" Radio Shows at incredibly low rates far below those found elsewhere.

If you have a Radio Station and wish to add one of our Syndicated Shows. CLICK HERE

We also offer very affordable tools for Content Creators and Broadcasters such as News & Press Releases, Promotional Packages, Audio & Video Ad Creation, and Professional Voiceover Services.