1. KRRB Revelation Radio

    Free Syndicated Shows for Your Station, OR Syndicate YOURS!!

    KRRB Revelation Radio not only offers a huge listening audience over our entire network. We are also recognized by Spotify among their Top 25% of all Content Creators & among the Top 4% of all Podcast Presenters in our broadcasting genre. Our Station Features a Variety of Quality Content...
  2. KRRB Revelation Radio

    Shows Available For Syndication on Your Station

    If you are looking for Quality Radio Programming for your Station. Please visit Not only do we broadcast some of the most desirable family friendly content. But we also allow Stations around the World to offer these Internationally Syndicated Shows on other...
  3. KRRB Revelation Radio

    Syndicate Your Show on Revelation Radio

    If you have found it difficult or expensive to Syndicate your Radio Show, we can help. KRRB-DB Revelation Radio currently broadcasts to all 50 US States and More than 160 Countries Worldwide via the You Stream It, LLC Broadcast Network. We already Host many of the Top Rated Syndicated Radio...
  4. Dave Chimny

    Dave Chimny – Ganorium Voyage

    In this thread, I'm posting the tracklists for Ganorium Voyage – my weekly podcast/radio show focussing on the Trance music genre. If you're interested in broadcasting this syndication show on your station, just leave me a message. ;-)
  5. AllInclusiveRadio

    Back To The Arena

    I run a syndicated rock show called "Back To The Arena" where we play new and old rock with that 80's rock sound. Groups like Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard along with new bands like Tokyo Motor Fist, Revolution Saints, Black Swan and more. You can hear a show scope at...
  6. J

    Freeform Weekend: Available For Internet Syndication

    Hello guys! Justin Walters from the Walters Media Group here! I have a new show for radio stations called Freeform Weekend! It is a show that is probably like others, to be honest with you, but will make your radio station stand out from most others. It is shown from many different studies that...
  7. Dan Butler

    Syndicated Shows Applications Being Taken

    Have a syndicated show or pre-recorded show you would like to have aired on Power 91? Power 91 will begin airing syndicated/pre-recorded shows beginning in January of 2018 and we would love to have you become part of the Power 91 Family! If interested, please fill out the application via the...
  8. Defiant Radio

    Defiant Radio Website.

    Hi Guys, We have just got our domain name for our website, its not finished yet but will be before we launch the station in the summer 2017. Please let us know what you think or any ideas or improvements needed, (the music is off at the moment but we will be running test broadcasts tomorrow)...
  9. D.I. Aspinwall

    CHR Countdown Show

    Hi everybody, My name is D.I. Aspinwall and I work as an Imaging Director and On-Air Personality for a commercial Hot-AC Station! I have now put together a CHR Countdown format show called All The Hits with Ian Dennis (Ian Dennis being my radio name...). All The Hits is a two-hour formatted Top...
  10. ktverse

    Looking for Syndication - Gaming Podcast

    If you run an Internet Radio Station and are looking for a 30 minute gaming podcast to add to your schedule. I am happy for my weekly gaming Podcast to be syndicated. I can dropbox you the files each week to add to your schedule. I run a family friendly video game podcast called the Nine Lives...