Hard, Heavy & Hair Show Seeking Stations

I'm looking for stations to carry my weekly 2-hour hard rock and hair bands show, "Hard, Heavy & Hair". This is NOT hardcore metal, death metal, or black metal. It IS hair bands, Glam, 80s metal, and Arena Rock such as Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, KISS, Halestorm, Def Leppard, and Hinder.

You can listen to the last 15 weeks' shows at http://PariahRocks.com and see complete playlists.

The show already has a following and a social media presence.

The show features hits and deep cuts from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and Teens, with unique features and vignettes.
  • "The Cover Song of the Week" vignette plays a hard rock or metal cover song followed by the original version, by the original artist, regardless of genre.
  • "Radio Rewind" is an immersive time-shift regular feature focusing on a single year in the past, playing music that was new that year, while reading headlines and pop culture references from the year as if the listener had tuned into an FM broadcasting from that year.
  • Special "Happy Hour" episodes every 10 shows with different themes. Recent themes have included "Ladies Night," a full hour of female-led rock and metal acts and "American Hair Bands," a full 2-hour show playing 28 of the bands mentioned in the parody-homage song, Tuff's 2001 "American Hair Band."
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I am working towards starting my own production company I am working with Joe Donaldson here in Houston because he is ahead of me in the game I am going to be his puppy for the learning experience. JOEFM 38.9 Digital Tv Broadcasting In Houston There is an ap also so online world wide and he is broadcasting 40 miles live from Crosstimbers & IH 45 IN Houston I am going to be doing my own spot asap I am a metal genre person former lead metal vocalist but I am going to be doing a mix with Christian Praise Worship Rock and softer styles inspirational but not cheezy commercial pop puke. Check out the Healing Stream online it will give you an idea of my desires for broadcasting but live on air boosting with transponders like KSBJ 89.3 FM Houston.
I am seeking a CGI artist I have a movie to produce. Godspeed if you have any connections or input for me I am Hawkins Tommy Facebook Tomahawk Media Productions

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This is Chris from Heat FM (www.heatfmradio.com). I would like to air your show. Are you able to dropbox me a few shows to get started and add me to your distribution?

Hi, Chris.

Absolutely. Send me your email. I just sent out this week's show to my affiliates earlier today. I can get you set up with the current show and a few previous episodes.

Just sent to affiliates: "A Hard, Heavy & Hairy Christmas" the Hard, Heavy & Hair with Pariah Burke Christmas Special full of hard rock, heavy metal, and hair band renditions of original and old favorite Christmas tunes. Each holiday the Hard, Heavy & Hair show does a special show. For Halloween we did the show AND 18 additional hours of music-only (no commentary) Halloween and Halloween-inspired music many of our affiliate stations aired instead of obtaining their own Halloween music.
Just released show number 136, 2 hours of scorching licks, pounding skins, and screech-a-long vocals from Pretty Boy Floyd, Warrant, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Trixter, Ozzy, Hardline, Accept, Lita Ford, the Pretty Reckless, Diamante, Winger, Dio, As Lions, and Aerosmith.