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hi ive applied for radio dj, im a experieced looking to get a bigger online audience and i think your radio could be helpful
i mix hardcore , classics , and makina shows are normally 2 deck or 3 deck sets with special guests


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Hi fellow presenters, me again, it’s time to pop my thread back to the top, check the schedule on our website, if there’s a slot you would like to fill, get in touch via the application ( previous applicants need not apply, you didn’t get on air for a reason (usually a tech issue (no mic, no tagged music etc) unless you have sorted the issue)

Look forward to hearing you on air ( reminder NO pre recorded shows we have live interactive listeners)
We are also now streaming on Eurotruck sim 2 so you can listen to Hive365 while you drive.
hi there

i seen your post and was wondering if you are still looking for dj's

we can over a networked live morning show 9 am - 12 pm and

live lunchtime show 12 pm - 2 pm mon - thurs

also a reggae vibes show monday 8 pm - 10 pm (show on 2 stations)

and a mix of music show weds 7 pm - 9 pm (show on 2 stations )
via a link up server from us...

if you are still looking then feel free to contact us on this email address

cheers jason (dj proud)


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Thanks for the offer, but we only stream live presenters, and exclusively broadcast on Hive365 not simulcasting, if they fancy a live show with interactive listeners, feel free to get them to pop in over an application.


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Still open slots, presenters from any country welcome ( just need to be able to speak some English) gamers especially welcome,