Live talk radio possibility?


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Hi, I'm a semi-retired video and radio journalist who is making a video channel aimed at a UK group of workers, and having a surprising amount of success. I'd like to add some effective way of getting more feedback from my audience, and wondered about running a daily one-hour live internet talk radio show, with phone call ins, and having backlog shows playable on demand.

How practical is this? I don't have any problem with funding a small amount of kit, or with publicising the project to build an audience, but need some help and advice on the practicalities - like delivering the live feed, and arranging a server to deliver the show to the audience. What do I need to know, and think about?


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The other alternative, of course, is to hook a camera into the mix and do a Facebook Live or YouTube live - that might be a better answer - but you comments requested!


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Hi Chris,

Please feel free to test out one of our free 7 day trial server accounts and have a play with it to see if this works to your requirements:

We also have a beginners guide in our forums which will provide you with all of the information that you will require to get started with Internet Radio that you may find helpful. This can be found here:

We provide several guides here in our forums for setting up a live stream which you can find here:

The Facebook live streams are becoming quite popular and it seems fairly easy enough to set up, so that would be a good option to consider as well.