1. ticherry

    Mind, Body & Music - Holistic Lifestyle Radio Station

    We are Beunique Magazine and Radio station and I am looking for a few good DJ's - We focus on positive music for the mind, body and soul. That includes Jazz, Reggae, soul, rnb, relaxing, meditation ect. If anyone is interested let me know.
  2. W

    Radio Park Zero looking for presenters

    We are currently looking for any kind of presenters, talk show hosts.We give you the freedom to say/play whatever you want. We treat this radio as a music festival in a park, where you know...there are only a few dumb rules. So if you are interested, please fill out this form ------>...
  3. M

    Looking for Broadcasters!

    Hey! City World Radio Network is based in NYC, but we have broadcasters all the way to the west coast. We are looking for more talent to fill up our schedule! It can be prerecorded, or you can use our studio if you are in the area! For more details, email me at macy (at)!
  4. J

    I'm dreaming of 5 new DJ

    Innervision FM is dreaming of 5 new DJ's, not like the ones we had before, we need a good voice and happy, full of ideals and a on time DJ, who is drug free all the time. We are dreaming of a great DJ that has 2 to 3 hours free a week! Are you our Christmas wish, listen to what we play and get...
  5. S

    Presenter Seeking Talk/Comedy Based Slot

    Hi I currently present a weekend breakfast show on a much listened-to station in north London. I have 20 years' experience as a comedian/impressionist and was a regular performer and writer on a wide range of BBC comedy shows (Radios 2, 4 & 5). I focus on chat and comedy, do a few...
  6. Brian

    On Air With Brian Becker

    Hello, my name is Brian Becker. I am the host and owner of a weekly show, On Air With Brian Becker. The show is a CHR / HOT AC show. Throughout the show, your listeners can expect to be updated on their favorite celebrities in a fun, interactive way. You can hear a demo here. The show is free to...
  7. Brian

    CHR Pop Talk / Music Show.

    Hello, my name is Brian Becker. I am the host and owner of my weekly show, On Air With Brian Becker. During the show, I talk about pop news and play new pop music. It is a 4-hour CHR show. If you want to hear a demo you can do so here: The show is free to...
  8. ChrisG46

    Live talk radio possibility?

    Hi, I'm a semi-retired video and radio journalist who is making a video channel aimed at a UK group of workers, and having a surprising amount of success. I'd like to add some effective way of getting more feedback from my audience, and wondered about running a daily one-hour live internet talk...
  9. T

    Radio Show Looking For Stations

    My name is Treubig (true-big) and I do a talk show! I primary do comedy but other more serious topics get thrown in once in a while. I am releasing my shows for anyone who wants to broadcast them. I have made a page on my website where you can find all the resources you need to broadcast and/or...
  10. S

    Male/female presenting team: Comedy, chat, music. Seeking additional slots

    Hi We're a very experienced comedy duo. We've performed sketch and improvised comedy for many years and had our own comedy series on BBC Radio 4. We currently present a show on a north London internet station and our listenership is booming. We're looking for additional outlets for our unique...
  11. A

    UK's Biggest Business Show Now FREE for Internet Stations

    Let's Talk Business is the UK's biggest weekly business and entrepreneur radio show. Started 4 years ago, it now has over 1,000,000 listeners per month. In return for backlinks, online stations can play the weekly shows as often as they like and a keep 100% of the income from sposnsorship and...
  12. David J

    All DJ's Wanted!

    AKARadio is looking for DJs! All types, formats & genres welcome! If you are interested, please make sure to stop by and apply, and chat with us in the chat room - we're friendly and don't bite! A little about AKARadio: AKAradio (est. 2003) is a fully licensed non-profit...