Looking for DJs and Talkshow Host.

Fabian Lewis

New Member
Hi. I have a radio station, Blitz Radio 2000, and i would like to offer anybody out there that has a passion for DJing or hosting there own talkshows and even running adverts they source on their programs to join my Station. We broadcast out of Jamaica and specializes in Reggae and Dancehall exclusively as the music format and also in Talkshows. From Current Affairs to sports etc. Sadly at this point though i cant pay a salary to anyone as the station is new and only focusing on growing its listenership base that is now in the thousands. Benefits include showcasing your skills to a Global audience, control over your own show, and running your own adverts, picking your own time slot, and in the future, a paid salary. Interested, send an email to lbcnewscorp@gmail.com. You can tune in to the station on mobile at Tunein Radio, or download the official radio app for free on Google Play at Blitz Radio 2000, or listen in at lewisbro.fastcast4u.com or our sister news outlet, lbcnewsjm.com.

If you feel like becoming an investment partner, you are welcome
Thanks Much.