1. Soul Rhythms

    Soul, Funk, Boogie, Disco & Reggae, Latin Dj's Wanted

    Wanna be a Dj on live radio, Soul Rhythms Radio UK are looking for Presenters in 2023. * Can you format a 2 hour show * Do have a PC / Mac for streaming. * Must have reliable Internet & speed * Must be reliable with good time keeping * Must be a music lover. If this opportunity sounds up your...
  2. DjChristheshirt

    Reggae Dj Available For A Station

    Good Morning Everyone Was wondering if any stations were looking for any ''Live'' Reggae Djs on thier station at the moment? Ive over 25 odd years of experience on internet radio.I also syndicate a non-generic Chilled Zone Show.2hours of Smotth Grooves & Slow Jams from the Soul/RnB genres.This...
  3. DjChristheshirt

    Anyone looking for a Reggae Dj?

    Good Morning Was wondering if you were looking for any Djs on your station at the moment? Ive over 25 odd years of experience on internet radio and play many many genres of music if required. Heres my podcast site so you can hear my broadcasts. Kind...

    NETWORKED UK BREAKFAST SHOW LIVE mon to fri 7 am -10 am

    Good evening all Any Radio stations looking for a live networked uk breakfast show mon - fri 7am - 10am uk time i play a great mix on music from 1954 - 2021 plus the rewinded track,guess the year, Random jukebox track,news and weather updates... The show is aired on stations ONLINE ,on DAB and...
  5. F

    The Reggae ShoutOut Show

    This two hour pre-recorded Reggae show with its Top 10 Hitlist plus current releases and classic oldies. Currently broadcasting from 15 stations worldwide. Is available for further syndication to interested stations. Each week the previous weeks show is posted on after all...
  6. D

    TYANA - To Good At Goodbyes (Kizomba Remix) 2020

  7. geerox

    Soul - Funk - R&B - Old School Hip Hop Presenters WANTED

    We are a long serving internet radio station fully licensed and looking to add to our 40 plus existing DJ/Presenters......We currently have some Morning and Daytime slots needing filled so if you have a passion for Soul-Funk-R&B-Oldschool Classic Hip Hop (70s 80s 90s) then please contact us at...
  8. macbroadcast

    [New here - ]

    hello everybody, i am a WordPress guy, musician, ex-producer, tech enthusiast, who came to streaming, video and audio long ago, but never had the chance to run a web radio station. I am looking for interested /interesting people, who like to DJ any kind of style and wants to perform or talk...
  9. C

    Looking for Reggae, Dancehall, Soul, funk, RnB, Soca, Ambiance, House, Talk. Jazz, Zouk.

    CAB Muzik Radio is a 24 hour internet radio station, our moto 'Urban Music for your mind body and soul' means we try to play a mixture but only the best. We are seeking new and original shows to stream. Reggae, Dancehall, Soul, funk, RnB, Soca, Ambiance, House, Talk. Jazz, Zouk. We have a few...
  10. Fabian Lewis

    Looking for DJs and Talkshow Host.

    Hi. I have a radio station, Blitz Radio 2000, and i would like to offer anybody out there that has a passion for DJing or hosting there own talkshows and even running adverts they source on their programs to join my Station. We broadcast out of Jamaica and specializes in Reggae and Dancehall...
  11. Jah Serb

    Dj/Presenter wanted

    I am the admin for and we have a nice amount of followers and listeners, on twitter well over 50k. We have a nice selection of selectors from around the globe, playing a bit of everything, reggae, soul, afro funk, dnb, dancehall, rnb, but we still have few slots available. We...
  12. S

    special genre internet radio looking for reggae show old school and rocksteady

    Ska express internet radio looking for someone who can record mp3 reggae old school or trojan sounds We need to fill slots and looking for anyone who may be interested doing ska also, as We are ska internet radio and open to new ideas. Email Me at
  13. ZANJ Radio

    Yes, we want a DJ! But,

    ZANJ RADIO, a Jamaican based internet radio station which focuses on delivering an eclectic selection of music, art and DJs. We're seeking responsible, consistent DJs who have an interest in delivering or airing weekly shows. Shows that feature world music sets will be highly favoured. However...
  14. J

    Royal Khaoz "Walk Wid Jah"

  15. D

    Seeking an active station for a 2 hour show

    Hello there, Seeking a mature station to do a weekly 2 hour program, preferably a weekday slot between the hours of 6pm-midnight central time. I have over-the-air studio experience as well as internet radio experience, and I run my programming through a small home studio using all of the...
  16. F

    Messenjah - Feel - new album

    my new song is online (Messenjah) from the new album ("Diviso a metà") this is the track crowdfunding on MusicRaiser follow on facebook other music i do
  17. ZANJ Radio

    ZANJ Radio Looking for Guest DJs

    Hello, we are ZANJ Radio, an internet based radio platform located in Stony Hill, St. Andrew Jamaica. We air a wide variety of music and our station focus on highlighting emerging DJs, creative artists, art and music. Currently we broadcast on the weekends beginning on Friday evenings (-5GMT-...
  18. Pigpen Radio

    Crowdfunder for Pigpen Radio, positive conscious music

    Hello :) I run a radio station on called Pigpen Radio a social enterprise that is all about positive conscious music and promoting musicians music worldwide :) We play lots of reggae, funk and hip hop. Pigpen Radio is crowdfunding to support our future...
  19. Vibes Collective

    Vibes Squad Internet Radio

    We are an online radio based in Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica (VibeVille). The good folks at VSR strive to bring you a better music listening experience presenting each listener with a wide range of music all around the world. Not to mention our exclusive VJs (Vibe Jocks) and on air...
  20. ZigeDub

    Reggae Radio Show Syndication

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and looking for like minded reggae stations who will be interested in hosting my show Back 2 Basics. Back 2 Basics has been on air for 10 years on various online stations (Reggae4us.Com, Daflavaradio.Com*, Uniquevibez.Com) Currently Back 2 Basics is broadcast on...