Looking for more pre-recorded shows

Discussion in 'Shows' started by Bigmac3388, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Bigmac3388

    Bigmac3388 Member

    Ahhh yes i do like it! ty ty : )
  2. Steve Slocombe

    Steve Slocombe New Member

    It's just a dry V O so you can put it over a bed or add FX :)
  3. Bigmac3388

    Bigmac3388 Member

    yep ty ty : ) deeply appreciated
  4. Steve Slocombe

    Steve Slocombe New Member

    In The Midnight Hour Show #3 in Dropbox for you.
    Just to note, I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks and away from the studio. i'll produce some more on my return

  5. Steve Slocombe

    Steve Slocombe New Member


    Could I Ask a massive favour please? Could you play and promote a song for me called "The One I Adore" by Paul Manners. It's in Dropbox.

    Paul was a finalist in the TV Show called "Britains Got Talent" in 2015.He is a very humble person and does quite a lot of charity work around the UK at his own expense. It would mean a lot if you could do this for him. I've pasted his webpage link below for you take a look at.

    the single "The One I Adore" is on Spotify and available on iTunes for downloading.

    If you could pass this onto your friends and colleagues across the Radio land it would be appreciated.

    Please could you give me some feedback on it please on how your listeners rate it.

    Many Thanks


  6. DJ Mizery

    DJ Mizery New Member

    Hey I’m a female DJ interested in this
  7. Steve Slocombe

    Steve Slocombe New Member

    What you interested in?
  8. Harty

    Harty Member

    Didn't know Rhubard broadcast specialist shows.
  9. Steve Slocombe

    Steve Slocombe New Member

    yep. Others maybe considered depending on their content.
  10. PariahBurke

    PariahBurke New Member

    Hi, Chris.

    You had asked me directly to air the Hard, Heavy & Hair show on Heat FM. I had requested your email address in that thread, but never heard back. Now that I have it, I've just sent you a Dropbox link to download the latest show, and added both your email addresses to my weekly affiliate distribution list.

    Please let me know when you decide to air the show, and I'll the time slot on the show's website.


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