Megalypse Radio soon to be online, looking for DJs

Robert Martin

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Hello! I'm the admin for a brand-new online radio station called Megalypse Radio. I intend to be all things to all people; meaning of course, the station will hopefully feature a wide variety of genres. If you can think of the genre of music and its relatively accessible to the modern listener, I hope to have it on Megalypse Radio. Unfortunately, I can't really do this without the help of dedicated DJs- which means I can't do this without all of you DJs out there who would like to call an online radio station home. Again, pretty much all time slots (and most genres) are available at this time. I will be online as soon as I have enough DJs to host broadcasts. I hope to hear from you soon- join the MEGALYPSE!

Station Homepage:
Contact Me:

Timeslots Available: All

Genres Needed: Most

Employment Opportunity: I would say none. This is a labor of love, a hobby if you will, and while I know of online radio stations that are actual places of employment, this will not be one of them.

Level Of Experience, Equipment, et al. Required: I would prefer DJs with plenty of online experience and relatively high-end equipment; however these are not essential to broadcast on Megalypse Radio.

Rules: Really just these two, as found on the Megalypse's Facebook page:
1.) Try to keep things just a little civilized. While (I think) the occasional f-bomb or content that would offend a small (and hopefully non-vocal) minority of the audience would be cool- believe me, some of the music I will be broadcasting is infamous for this- tracks that contain a nice, long string of profanity or music that will offend nearly everyone absolutely will NOT BE TOLERATED. I really don't need to be paying a hefty fine to the FCC for your stupidity, if you choose to be that insanely stupid.
2.) If you can adhere to guideline #1, and you want to be a DJ, please- whatever you do- make sure you air your broadcasts on a fairly regular basis. I like to think that I play fair, and I'm cool with a DJ occasionally not being able to air his/her broadcast. That being said, if you tell me you're going to air a regular broadcast, and all you do is regularly drop the ball, that is also a major no-no.

If you're a DJ, and can adhere to these two basic rules, just contact me at the above e-mail address and I'll schedule an interview with you ASAP.

Thanks for reading- again, join the MEGALYPSE!