1. J

    Contemporary Freeform: New Radio Format

    Hey guys! I have created a new radio format called Contemporary Freeform, and I have a demo. The audio demo was produced by me and my friend, Stuart, who is the DJ speaking during the first hour of this demo as well as the weather segment on the second hour. Here is the link...
  2. Tyler Brooker

    [EDM Artist] Hey! You got a moment?

    Hey guys! My name's Tyler, I'm an independent EDM artist studying stuff at uni, and like most other artists I struggle to get myself heard. Whenever I try to promote my stuff I usually get turned down because of rules against advertising and 'dropping a link and running', which is irritating but...
  3. Alban Kulpakko


    Hey guys! I'm new here! How are you? Hope to read good stuffs in here! Have a good day! :)
  4. U

    New Show... Feedback Please?

    Hey, We have a new Show on our University Radio Website, and we would love some feedback. Here was our first show. **Please bare in mind we came and freestyled this first show and also never been in a radio studio.** Constructive feedback would be appreciated. Please support us on...
  5. More Support

    New Servers added! us3 (Fremont, California) and uk5 (London, England)

    We're pleased to announce we have just added 2 new servers to our network: Another London, UK server making 5 in total. Our first west coast server is based in Fremont (California). We now have 3 US servers (Fremont, Dallas and Newark) to choose...
  6. Lee Barber

    Need new shows/hosts? I'm here!

    Need a new show/presenter? Get in touch! SO! My names Lee! Hello. I'm 23 years old, and about to launch a brand new radio show this summer, which thanks to a few connections, will be heard on a variety of FM, DAB and online stations across the globe. I've been involved in media, radio...
  7. R

    Megalypse Radio soon to be online, looking for DJs

    Hello! I'm the admin for a brand-new online radio station called Megalypse Radio. I intend to be all things to all people; meaning of course, the station will hopefully feature a wide variety of genres. If you can think of the genre of music and its relatively accessible to the modern listener...
  8. C

    Classic Rock XL Wants You!!

    Do you have a passion for classic rock and/or newer rock (future classics) and want to work with a hot station? Did you know we work with Universal Music and Live Nation for interviews and ticket giveaways? Do you want to gain radio experience? Do you host live and/or prerecorded? Classic Rock...
  9. Exact FM

    EXACT FM | Exactly Where YOU Want To BE! - NOW HIRING !

    We are looking for CREATIVE, enthusiastic individuals interested in hosting live / pre-recorded shows and documentaries to get in contact with us. Content genres range in scope from debate/discussion to explorative documentaries, and much more! (Open to YOUR suggestions.) We are ALSO looking...