MixUp is looking for presenters ...


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Do you have a passion for music and talking on the radio?
Could you be the next big name on radio?
Importantly, do you have the face, err I mean the voice for radio?

If yes, then you could be the right person for MixUp!


MixUp are currently looking for volunteer presenters to broadcast on our radio station. All we ask is that you are able to commit two (2) hours a week to live broadcasting either in one slot or spread across two 1 hour slots.

We offer our listeners various ways to tune in including website, Discord, mobile even through their home devices utilising several partners.
We're also in the process of getting our own Google Assistant and Alexa skills certified and plans on the horizon for mobile apps on both Android and iOS devices.

Check out our website, www.mixup.fm, for more information about us and if you're interested in joining the MixUp air waves then visit mixup.link/apply.

If you have any questions then please DM me :)