1. S

    volunteers for online station

    Please visit link below to apply https://www.internet-radio.com/community/threads/coolvibes-reloaded-volunteer-position.53191/
  2. S

    CoolVibes-Reloaded Volunteer Position

    Are you passionate about music and have a talent for mixing beats? We are currently seeking a dedicated and skilled DJ to join our team on a voluntary work from home basis. don't matter if you don't have experience in radio we'll train you. "IF YOU HAVE THE TIME" As a Volunteer DJ, you will...
  3. S

    Looking For Radio Personal(Presenters) Volunteers

    (Voluntary & Working From Home ONLY" ) !if you have experience Being An Online Radio Presenter, And have a laptop or PC!? "Pop Us A Message Today" If you would "Love to volunteer" Here's your taxi https://forms.gle/Rpvi8r8nvC94JqbG7
  4. S

    "ON-AIR, Voluntary Staff"

    "Are you fed up from having no job, but would love to volunteer on a work from home radio station"? We have tons of spaces going From presenter To advertiser, promo/jingle maker Website ideas, manager. If you would like any of those opportunities Inbox me today
  5. AKAradio

    DJ's/Marketing Specialist Wanted!

    Looking for a place to call home? Come join us as a DJ on AKAradio.com and keep yourself, your friends and your family entertained! Plus, it's remote and from the comfort of your own home (or studio as we like to call it). Additionally, we're looking for a volunteer Marketing Specialist...
  6. danielp

    MixUp is looking for presenters ...

    Do you have a passion for music and talking on the radio? Could you be the next big name on radio? Importantly, do you have the face, err I mean the voice for radio? If yes, then you could be the right person for MixUp! MixUp are currently looking for volunteer presenters to broadcast on our...
  7. Shaz Kuiama

    DJ after a 4 hour slot on a licensed, UK station with a chatroom

    Hi, I am after a UK based station, that is fully licensed and has an interactive chat room, to present a 4 hour show, where I bring something different every week, from specialist charts, genre based shows, theme based, and more. Plus I will offer listeners the chance to submit their charts of...
  8. Angelo Sydney

    Whippet Radio ( whippetradio.com ) volunteer DJs wanted

    Whippet Radio is part of the growing WorldWideWhip group of internet radio stations. We've just launched and need more volunteer on-air talent. Music chat and comedy from everywhere. Universal music format. We have Facebook and Second Life presence too. DJs from all timezones welcome. Have...