Mount point not working, please help


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Why would you change this to 127kbps? You don't need to change anything, just make sure that your encoder softwares settings are not higher than 128kbps.
Ok I triple checked all options. I changed the centovacast to 192 and set edcaster to 127. No way I'm broadcasting at 259. But it keeps killing the server. What is going on.. I'm pulling my hair out!!

I tried everything
Just updating you we found the source of the 256. It was the virtual cable between radiodj and edcaster.

Now back to square 1. All this started because are trying to go live from a remote location from our regular pc. Am I correct that our base pc should all be set to /stream and the remote pc should connect to /live?


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Okay great, we are glad that you worked out the cause of the bitrate issue.

No! Both your base AND remote PC should be connecting on the /live mount point. Any live source should always connect on /live but one live source would have to disconnect before another live source can.

So if you look into the fallback file method we mentioned on the previous page this will prevent your listeners getting dropped on the change over from one live source to the other.
Fallback clip
Specifies the fallback media file for the stream. The fallback file is an MP3 file that is played in a loop if the source stream disconnects. Without a fallback file, listeners will either hear silence, or be disconnected entirely if the source stream disconnects.