Moving to Icecast from Shoutcast


Hi Support,

Looking at how Vivendi/Radionomy are taking Shoutcast with V2.6, like taking AAC and bit rates higher than 128k support amongst other things to a premium (pay) model, what is the process to move to Icecast should I wish to?


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Hi Medway Radio,

If you wish to have an Icecast server instead this would require us to delete your current Shoutcast account and then manually recreate it as Icecast instead. Unfortunately there is no way of changing the server type on an account. So this would mean that you would need to be assigned a new port number. We can copy and back up any files that you have uploaded to the server but you would need to recreate any existing playlists that you have again. Your statistics / reports will also be reset.

It would not take that long for us to do this, only about 30 minutes of downtime or so depending on the amount of files you have uploaded. So please just drop us an email should you decide to go ahead with this.


Thanks for that
Need to keep things stable at the moment as testing a few things, but likely to move later. Will drop support an email when ready