1. OnlineAudienceHosting

    Radio Website tips

    At Online Audience we have made many Radio station website and apps for radio stations all over the world. We would love to share some tips with you. A stunning design is one of the most important features of an excellent radio website. At the very first stage, while thinking over your radio...
  2. S

    Shoutcast display

    Anybody know how to change how info is displayed through the Shoutcast player? Right now it shows artist - album - track (which means that it's almost impossible to ever see what song you're actually listening to, to assist people in buying the music and supporting the artist). Is there any way...
  3. MedwayRadio

    Moving to Icecast from Shoutcast

    Hi Support, Looking at how Vivendi/Radionomy are taking Shoutcast with V2.6, like taking AAC and bit rates higher than 128k support amongst other things to a premium (pay) model, what is the process to move to Icecast should I wish to?
  4. S

    Australian volunteer DJs

  5. twitterautopost

    HTTPS links for Shoutcast/Icecast streams

    Hi all, We have a new service available... We are now providing an HTTPS proxy service that allows you to have a fully HTTPS compliant URL for your existing streaming server. If you have a non-HTTPS streaming server, don’t want to change provider, but need an HTTPS stream link (to use on your...
  6. X

    Server with multiple station capabilities

    hello I am trying to find a server we can sign up for that allows us to manage multiple streams. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  7. Muzzy

    Presenter Available

    Hi everyone I'm Muzzy and I currently present on A1 Radio in the UK and have done for about 3 years using shoutcast from the A1 server and my own equipment presenting from home studio. I currently cover a slot from 8-10pm on a Friday evening. I am looking to see if I can gain a similar slot on...
  8. M

    SHOUTcast refuses to read ID3/metadata

    Hello. I turn to your community for help. I have tried absolutely everything and since SHOUTcast don't reply to their emails, I have to look for help elsewhere. Every player that I try to play my station on - reads metadata without issues (VLC, embed players or android app) Even when I search...
  9. More Support

    Latest Chrome browser update (v55) breaks Shoutcast v1.x HTML5 players

    We've started showing a "No Web Player" message (Shoutcast v1) for radio stations which won't play in the browser. These stations can still be played but only via the ".pls" and .m3u" links we display above the message. The latest update (v55) being rolled out for Google Chrome unfortunately...
  10. H

    Cant use web proxy

    web i go to use my web proxy it comes up with error message The page isn’t working didn’t send any data. I also cannot use this in my own player as it says it is down on our shoutcast server status.
  11. asantoni

    New Software: Rocket Broadcaster

    Hi guys, I wanted to tell you about the new broadcasting software I just launched for Windows: Rocket Broadcaster. (download here) Rocket Broadcaster lets you live broadcast to your internet radio station (Icecast or SHOUTcast), like you can with Mixxx or BUTT. Some of the useful features...
  12. More Support

    New Servers added! us3 (Fremont, California) and uk5 (London, England)

    We're pleased to announce we have just added 2 new servers to our network: Another London, UK server making 5 in total. Our first west coast server is based in Fremont (California). We now have 3 US servers (Fremont, Dallas and Newark) to choose...
  13. C

    Shoutcast or SAM with Mega Seg

    I am trying to learn how to set up a station or show. I have purchased MegaSeg to play songs from my Mac Air and intend to send the audio to an XP computer to send out the stream. Can anyone tell me , will that work if the XP computer uses SAM or Shoutcast to compress and limit the sound before...
  14. V

    Server is currently down.

    Hi, I have created account with shoutcast v1 & i have succesfully logged in, but when i check shoutcast listerners and status it says Server Status: Server is currently down. I am using SAM BROADCASTER to connect to shoutcast server. i have entered the IP address and port , & the result is...
  15. J

    The Mix 95.1 Is Looking For DJ's!

    The Mix 95.1- Greatest Hits On The Net! is a new online radio station. We are looking for DJ's. We play all Genres here. Please contact us by emailing us Please keep in mind this Volunteering you will not get paid for this.