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Hi there, my name is Lionel. I'm here to present our radiostation called Rock On Online Radio We are a group of old farts drained from the past sewage system of rock from acid of the 60's and bell bottomed soul of the 70's to nowadays crappy pop music but with well crafted hits. Started just a few months ago during pandemic outbreak with 3 podcast radioshows specialized in alternative latin rock fusion and independent artists (Alienígena Musical) and heavy metal stalwarts airing extreme metal (La Hora Del Bicho) and dedicate radio airwaves metal outstanding verge of classic names on business like, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Testament (La Hora Del Cholo Metal)

Raised in a country with a rich cultural tropical background of caribbean sounds, folk and latin music regime so we became now more ecclectic than categorized in a single musical style, mood or tour de forcé. We do speak spanish but also some english and our main goal is to allow new bands be on the map and being better known. Submit your music specially if is into Rock And


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